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dating offer


    Looking for Adult and Dating offers PPL

    I have a lot of Tier-1/2 traffic and I am looking for SOI ONLY dating offers, 3-6$+- Direct or network doesn't matter. My traffic Source is SEO with my OWN website I use Push and in-page push notifications android. Working with Lospollos, Imonotizeit, Revolutionforce * Payment weekly or...
  2. affani

    Affiliates Wanted I am looking for an Affiliate

    We have Dating Offers: Our platform is optimized view real-time statistics and paid on Net-15 and Net-30 payment platform is Wire, Paypal, Payoneer, EpayService
  3. affani

    Ask Me Anything Join us 2 new offers

    Just received 2 Dating offers and we suggest you register here if you have dating traffic 1. BangHisWife - SOI | $1.90 | AU, CA, IE, NZ, ZA, GB, US, PR. | Daily Cap 100 2. BangMeetup - DOI | $2.50 | AU, CA, NZ, ZA, US. | Daily Cap 40 We welcome every affiliate to join us in our AffAni!
  4. affani

    MyDirtyNeighbour - AffAni

    We just received a direct offer MyDirtyNeighbour CPL DOI is a dating offer if you have traffic from the UK you will be paid $ 2.35 for registration registration is DOI you need to confirm and email who is interested you can register here
  5. vickhoff

    Belgium & JAPAN traffic

    Hello helpies iam still looking for belgium & JP adult traffic, if someone have real traffic , pls help me tried many netwokrs, but no or very less output. i can make the payment daily for trafic. if there is any real webmaster pls do help me.
  6. Fozle Rabby

    Network Wanted Looking for Dating Smartlink Network

    Hello Guy's Currently i work on cpafull . but i want to work on dating smartlink . please suggest me weekly payout good networks. Thanks
  7. TopOffers

    Affiliates Wanted Interested to make more with dating?

    Hello y’all, TopOffers is looking for big seasoned affiliates, who have broken the record of 5-10K monthly to promote exclusive dating offers! 50+Geos, PPL up to $12 SOI, PPS up to $220, 80% Revshare. Timely payouts and no limits on volume! We can pay A LOT as long as traffic is good...
  8. Suvo Ahamed

    Looking For Adult & Dating PPS Offer

    hello, Looking For Adult & Dating PPS Offer, Minimum Payout 40$ + i Will Give you 20+ Sell Daily ,
  9. A

    Looking for CPL, CPO Traffic

    Hi guys, we are looking for traffic with Payout models on CPO and CPL basis for our dating offers. We are present in over 20 geos and would purchaise traffic on desktop and mobile. We have attractive payouts and creatives! In case you have any quality traffic, please get in touch so we can...
  10. ByOffers

    Ask Me Anything What traffic sources are forbidden for most dating offers, and which are desirable?

    Every day we receive lots of questions from publishers among which the most common one is: what traffic sources are allowed for the particular offer promotion in dating niche. The most important word in the previous sentence is PARTICULAR offer! Though there exist certain general sources...
  11. Fapohunda Olufemi John

    [REQ] Any Network That offers DATING OFFER For Africa?

    As the subject implies, I am looking for exclusive Dating offer for African/Africa. I have been searching through but couldn't find up till now. The criteria I'm looking for is -Dating/Adult offer -CPL/CPI -NET 15 or below -Payonner/Skrill I do not mind if I get a direct advertiser for this...
  12. Alex_Chess

    Offer Wanted Look for direct offers all verticals

    Calling all owners of direct offers! Display, CPA\L Nutra\dating\adult\bizopp\insurance\forex and all the rest. Guys, talk to me on running your campaigns with our panel. We got tons of affiliates that are ready to pick up more of verticals! Btw, we got our own processing, so as very nice...
  13. Shahjahan Sazal

    About Dating Offers guideline

    Hi, I am a newbie. I want to start my cpa journey with dating offers. But I have no idea about it. And I can't get any good resources about promoting dating offers. Is there any one can help me? Thanks in Advance.
  14. Mr.Owen

    Looking for Dating offer called eDates [Germany] urgently!

    I have traffic at the tip of my fingers just waiting to send them to dating offers. I have been testing different offers and would love to get my hands on edates [Germany] as well as it has been working magnificiently in the past for me. If anyone works for a CPA network who has that said...
  15. Krishan Kumar

    I'm Krishna, Blogger since a long time, Starting in CPA

    Hi there, I'm a Blogger since 4 year, till now I've been doing Blogging on various niches and making fine money ($2-5K/month) with Google Adsense and some other Ad networks. I've good knowledge of SEO, Hosting, Servers, Content, backlinking and all stuff. Now I'm getting into CPA totally. I'm...
  16. UdaySajib

    How can i get more adult offers lead?

    Hi, I am newbie in dating offers.Recently i will get approved affiliates account.So, how can get more dating offers lead with free traffic source(social traffic) ?
  17. J

    I am newbie ,I want to make a dating,But the volume and click rate is not reasonable

    I am newbie who can sharing how to optimize a CPA Campaign to turn it from negative ROI to the Profits and Positive
  18. datingoffers

    Affiliates Wanted Dating Traffic Needed ASAP

    Hi, I'm looking for affiliates from CAN, IT, NOR, SWE, NZ, DNK, IRL, FIN, CHE, who sell their local traffic on PPL, PPT, PPS. Some facts about our program: Web and mobile dating offers with exclusive payouts to promote worldwide dating brands Weekly payments option, reliable payments ON TIME...
  19. Tareq Mahmud

    A success story of email marketing for dating-SOI

    I started CPA just few days ago. I follow some successful man in this sector. One of them earned 7550$ in just 4 months by only email marketing. He used fresh leads. Main converting issue is mail body and subject. Just make it attractive. Make people's curiosity to read that email and enter your...
  20. Tareq Mahmud

    Newbie Tareq is here

    Good day every one. Salute to all members. Special thanks to contributors regarding this page. I am working with CPA from last month. I really need help regarding my dating CPA offer. I have in trouble in traffic related issue. Also in search of good and reliable affiliate network. Thanks to...