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  1. thehustler

    Help setting custom domain in CPA Grip

    This is their instruction aass I followed and uploaded but now can't understand what to do? Please help.
  2. Omulu Chisom

    What is the Best CPA Promoting network

    Guys, I have got some cash to invest in CPA marketing $15, what's the ad network to invest it on to get the best traffic conversion. I'm planning on using Peerfly or Cpagrip or Adcombo. Where do I get the best paid traffic?????
  3. A

    Need Advice With First Steps Into Affiliate Marketing!

    I'm interested in getting involved with affiliate marketing, especially incentive traffic. I have done a lot of research on CPA+incentive friendly networks and have come up with a top 3. ClickDealer, CPAGrip and MaxBounty. I have gone through all of the reviews and found these to be perhaps...
  4. Sohaib3594

    My Successful Journey

    Hello Guys, I started cpa marketing + ig in nov 2015, i am a old member of this forum but never posted anything, i always used to observe other people posts to gain knowledge and information. I am sure it will motivate you and i will also get some motivation from you guys, after all hardwork is...
  5. Gauravkth

    How Content Locker Works? Cpagrip

    Hey Guys, I am newbie and started working on cpagrip but i am dont have any idea about URL/Content lockers. I am trying URL file locker on cpagrip. My question is.. If users will click on locked file, they will be able to see a small survey box where they need to complete the survey in-order...
  6. SmartEnough

    CPALEAD and Startapp

    hi i want to promote cpalead/cpagrip offers in startapp CPI offers question 1 : where i can find offer creatives "banners...etc" ? question 2 : how to setup voluum with cpalead ? question 3 : which affiliate network is good at cpi offers , not "clickdealer,maxbounty,yeahmobi" i already signed...
  7. F

    a newbie needs help on cpagrip

    good day everyone. i"m just havin a little problem in my cpa journey and decided to seek for help. i registered in cpagrip, accout approve but i'm confuse on how to use their like locker and content locker. i usually thought that after locking a link and if a user want to access my link a...
  8. lunatickookie

    CPAgrip HELP

    Hello, So I just signed up to CPAgrip, even though I read here a lot, I have NO idea what to do. Does someone has a guide to CPAgrip, or someone who uses/used it in the past and can help me. :(:(:(
  9. pradep

    Ogads or Cpagrip Which once is better?

    Hi everyone in recent Cpalead was cheated with me so i am thinking to to start with other network. Now i have account in Ogads and CPAgrip. Give me suggestion which one i should select for content locking.. if anyone used please share your experience as well. thank you.
  10. Eric Williams

    Creating Custom Lockers for CPAGrip?

    How's it going people, Does anyone have knowledge in creating custom lockers for CPAGrip? I'm currently creating landing pages and it's some people are asking for. Please show me how if you have the know how. I'd like to make them HQ. Thanks for all the help that I've been receiving on this forum!
  11. S

    Need Help With CPAGrip php rss feed script

    As of today I have joined cpagrip to monetize my android app but for know I came to a problem I am using a php script to load offers from cpagrip this works great for text based links and thumbnail links but I don't know how to filter the cpagrip offers inside the php script for a certain offer...
  12. John Mouss

    what do you thing about this networks ?

    Hi .. I'm working on CPA I have joined some affiliate networks like adworkmedia/cpalead/cpaGrip... but the problem is that I feel is like they now have what I'm looking for I wanna work with other affiliate networks becouse the others they not give me that feeling that I want they are...
  13. John Mouss

    how to link postback URL

    Hi dears affiliates is there any one can help me with problems .. what I have to do if I want to use postback url in cpaGrip I'm using adsbridge tracker ? ------------ if I have self hosted landing page where I can find ''call to action button '' in my self hosted landing pages for...
  14. Aditya Saha

    Received my 1st payment

    Hello guys, I finally received my first payment from CPAGrip. There was a delay due to a limitation from PayPal and when that issue was resolved, I finally got my payment. Still waiting for payment from Ogads Here is my journey if you are wondering how I earned it [Newbie] Starting my own...
  15. miximo

    Follow Liker Stay Work !!

    Hi everyone, i want to bought Follow Liker IG but I found people had problems with the blocking of accounts , so i want to now if follow liker stay work with instagram , and what is the best setting for fresh account IG , because i want to use it in cpa offers , thank you ( sorry for my bad...
  16. I

    WordPress points for surveys possible?

    Is it possible to give people points on my wordpress site when they complete a survey that im hosting from CPAGrip. Let me explain. 1. User does a survey that I provide for them on my website (That survey being from CPAGrip) 2. When user completes that survey they get points on my WordPress...
  17. netabdo

    Need your help to optimise a campaign - first step to get $100 per month

    Hi friends, After solving problem of traffic source, it's time to learn more and new things, never give up :) Was 3 days ago when I launched a campaign with details below: - offer for survey mobile - country :usa -landing page: lp with 2 question - spent : $10 - earned : $1.73 The campaign...
  18. Nemesis

    How to run Direct Linking Campaigns on mobicow

    Making a full ebook, will be back up soon.
  19. proflex

    Hello guys

    I am new membie here , i hope i find what every new newbie search for in this awsome forum. Thank you so much
  20. juzlee

    How To Install A File/Link Locker Template In CPAGrip, MGCash and CPALead

    Based on my short time here in AffiliateFix, there are still tons of users who still don't know that file/link locker exists in CPALead/CPAGrip/MGCash or they don't even know how to use or install a template there. So I decided to make a quick tutorial on how to install templates on...