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  1. A

    What is The best Theme Wordpress For...

    Please What is The best Theme Wordpress For promote cpa Offers(nutra weight loss gaming)?
  2. Foridul Islam Forid

    Which traffic sources best for Financial Credit Score offers?

    Hey All I'm Foridul, I wanted to know which traffic sources work well for financial credit score offers? Is any idea? If anyone running with any type of traffic source in this vertical, Please let me know if possible. Thanks Foridul
  3. Advery

    Hi everyone, from Maksym :)

    Hello! I'm new to this forum! I am interested in digital marketing, content creation, marketing, crafts, etc. I am an affiliate manager at Advery We are currently focused on Dating vertical. Advery is a digital media buying agency that buys & sells traffic, and multiplies & expands clicks. I...
  4. parveenk2013

    Adult CPA journey, switching from banner display to Push ads.

    Hello everyone. I started my affiliate marketing journey this year with adult dating CPA campaigns. I've been running dating ads from January using banners through TrafficFactory, ExoClick, TrafficStars and TrafficJunky. I make banners and run them on top positions in different geos, I have...
  5. S

    Trying to do CPA marketing

    Hello everyone! I'm a Newbie. Please tell me as a beginner which CPA platform will be best for me?
  6. Tshepo Slavo

    New here!

    Hi Everyone, Tshepo here! Really excited to be here. For some reason I feel like I will get the answers I have been missing as far as affiliate marketing is concerned. What I would like to learn most about is CPA MARKETING, how to start with a low budget. I hope I will find some help and...
  7. thehustler

    CPA - Setting up OnClick event in ClickFunnels. How?

    Hi, using CPA grip's onclick event where when a user clicks a button the content locker pops up. This is the code from cpagrip: <img style="cursor:pointer;" src="button_image.png" onclick="call_locker();"> But I want the locker to popup when clicked on a button. But there is option for image...
  8. thehustler

    Onclick OR Direct Content Locker?

    Which one converts more and which one has more bounce rate according to your experience?
  9. thehustler

    $28k in a day. What traffic source?

    Found this in another forum. Screenshot Anyone can guess what the traffic source could be?
  10. thehustler

    Do people still complete Human Verification?

    Hi, do people still do surveys from human verification? I see people not liking human verifications so content lockers don't work now? What's your personal experience with this nowadays?
  11. Cortney Doyle

    Scaling CPA

    Does anyone know how the people making $100,000+ per day are selling courses. I heard a dude named Team Deangelo on youtube said he has friends who are making $100,000+ per day but where are the courses on this? Thank you
  12. R

    Hello Great Minds

    It's a pleasure to be a part of this great and power place where we can learn and earn.I'm an affiliate marketer and. Blogger who wants to learn more as they say knowledge is power. I'm looking forward to meet new friends and get introduced to tools that will skyrocket my business.Thanks a lot
  13. Huzaifa Napari

    A Noob in The Community

    Hello everyone. It really feels good to be here. I am in to cpa marketing. And I would be very grateful if someone could help me with cpa sms marketing. I would really appreciate it. I have got lots of USA numbers with me right now. Thanks in advance
  14. Mustapha Bello

    My journey

    I everyone my name is Mustapha Bello and I want to start earning online with cpa marketing I don't know much that's why I have joined this forum and I have learned a lot from other affiliates
  15. Max09

    A Beginner

    Hey Folks I'm new here and a beginner who wants to get his feet wet in CPA marketing, I appreciate any help or suggestions from that great community. Thanks.
  16. P

    Suggestions needed!!! For cpa marketing with seo

    Hey Community I have a problem here. I want to start affiliate marketing but my problem is i don't have enough funding So what I have thought is cpa marketing with seo. How will it perform? Have you guys done this and been succeed with this idea. I saw many people were focusing on the...

    My Adult CPA Marketing Journey 1-20-2019(Need Help)

    Hello friends, This is my first CPA Campaign...with Lospollos Adult Smartlink and Popup,popunder Traffic CPA Network -> Lospollos Smartlink Ads Type -> Popup and Popunder. Tracking Software -> Redtrack Spent -> $27 Revenue-> $25.06 Profits -> -$2.31 ROI -> -8.44% what should i do right now...
  18. S

    Point me to the right direction

    Hi there! Thank you admin for approving my request to be part of this amazing community! How are things going here for you guys? I hope you guys are doing so FINE! I wanted to learn a bit more about CPA Marketing/Affiliate Marketing but I don't know which course should I take and who to...
  19. wildcatter23

    New member

    Hi, I am a newbie. I will most grateful if I can be shown a realistic means to earn money online. I would love to be mentored here. I wish to stay humble throughout
  20. Alamgir hossain bappy

    Want to learn about content locking offer promotion guide?

    Hello, I am Md Alamgir Hossain Bappy.I am expert in adult offer promotion. but now i need to learn content locking offer promotion way. Can any one help me to learn about content locking promotion>