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  1. YeezyPay

    How to Use AI to Increase Conversions — How Performance Max Works in Google Ads

    In affiliate marketing, the hunt for conversions doesn’t end. Affiliates are always looking for new tools and strategies to improve their results. Of recent, AI has been the biggest breakthrough technology, however, it has been accessible to only those who run offers whitehat verticals...
  2. MyBid

    Conversion Windows and KPIs: What Casino Advertisers Don’t Tell Affiliates and How to Make Profits in the Gambling Vertical

    Making money in the gambling vertical can be challenging. Unlike relatively cheaper niches such as sweepstakes, where you can easily connect an offer, buy traffic, and observe the audience's reaction, gambling is a different story. Good gambling offers with clear partnership details are hard to...
  3. YeezyPay

    Low Conversion Problems: Why You're Getting Few Clicks and Low Conversion Rates in Google Ads and How to Solve the Issue

    When people start advertising campaigns on Google Ads, they often face a common problem: low conversion rates despite receiving a large number of clicks on their ads. This issue is not only encountered by business owners but also by experienced paid advertising specialists and affiliate...
  4. YeezyPay

    Numbers, Handling Objections, and Variations: Top 7 Tips for Creating High Conversion Rate Headlines in Google Ads

    Creating compelling ad headlines and descriptions for Google Ads can be challenging, even for experienced affiliates and media buyers. Whether you're launching new campaigns or fine-tuning existing ones to boost click-through rates and conversion rates, it's crucial to avoid mistakes. The...
  5. K

    I Got 500 Clicks And No Conversions; Here Are 4 Of The Possible Problems.

    I Got 500 Clicks And No Conversions; Here Are 4 Of The Possible Problems. A friend of mine got 600 clicks and 0 conversions, That's disturbing. He got confused at first, he thought it might be a scam on the side of the vendors. But he resolved that thought saying they won't have displayed the...
  6. MasterOfHearts

    What's Best Way To Manipulate Traffic Data For Better Conversion?

    Hi everyone, So I just completed the first day of my campaign and I am still confused as to how to best manipulate the data that I am getting. I have the photo with numbers, Should I only include Zones that 1) That have higher percentage of Engaged Visitors? 2) Or only include Zones that...
  7. Honeybadger

    Ask Me Anything How to Build High Converting Landing Pages in 2022

    New video just landed from Oliver Kenyon @ Conversion Wise
  8. Honeybadger

    ? ? ? M Y S T E R Y D E A L ? ? ?

    Did you click this? So did I It's email title of Gap's latest e-newsletter Got me curious More clever is where it linked to .. Products page with 50% discount on products I like But how did they know my demographics? (I only gave e-mail address) --> from category page I signed up to e-newsletter...
  9. Honeybadger

    How to Write Blog Posts that Convert

    Found this guide buried in on Amazon Associates help web site Some of it is elementary but I learned new tactics also How to write an Affiliate Marketing blogpost that converts
  10. B

    How much budget i needed to run facebook ads.

    I want to run one CPA and CPI offer on facebook ads, so my question is how much budget is required to get good conversion. Also suggest which is model is help me to get good conversions.
  11. AdVideos

    Does YT worth to make ads on?

    My colleagues usually tell me that YT is now more popular to make ad videos for, but I can't really see is it true or not. Is conversion on YT good?
  12. FindMyDIY

    Use Notifications to Open a Popup With CPA Offers

    Display a notification to users before opening a popup window with a CPA offer or affiliate link. If you use a URL rotator for the popup window, random pages can be displayed. **Will not be blocked by Chrome or any ad blocker**
  13. Affmy

    Announcement ️Black Friday Deals at Affmy ️

    Hey Guys, Black Friday is almost upon us and we are feeling generous here at Affmy! Don’t miss a 10% rate increase on our exclusive offers: Offers are valid on 23-25 November and available with special Black Friday banners, pre-landers, and best...
  14. dezo0013

    looking for your opinion please

    Hello the fixers, Please I am a beginner and I would like your opinion and your recommendations concerning a problem that makes me lose my budget and a lot of time , the problem is that i have tested multiple CPVs compaign based on several affiliate network (top offers recommended by my AMs)...
  15. I

    RevContent CTR & Conversion

    Hello all, super excited to be part of the community. I recently launched a ClickBank Affiliate campaign, the traffic source is RevContent. Here are my numbers & details in last 2 days RevContent Ad CTR: Health & Fitness RevContent Ad CTR: 0.6% Landing Page to Offer Page CTR: 45% ClickBank...
  16. RichAds

    Selling Traffic Push, Pops, and Native ads from RichAds!

    RichAds – Where Scale meets performance. Develop your advertising with our global self-serve performance ad platform. We offer push, pops, native formats. Use the power of our ad formats to capture new quality leads from premium sources. ⚙️ RichAds traffic quality is verified by Adscore. We...
  17. thehustler

    Not getting any conversions

    Hello, I need some help on getting conversions. Things I am doing - 1) I'm promoting ClickBank products with gravities above 70 in all but I'm NOT getting any conversions. However, the hop impressions are around 65, 88, 45, 55, 31, 70 etc and only made two sales in these 2 months. (Screenshot...
  18. Alex admitad

    Announcement Hot Products: the unique admitad tool for AliExpress

    In November 2017 Aliexpress Affiliate Program launched a new instrument, HotProducts. Today we are going to get to know this instrument better and to talk about its advantages. Why do I need this instrument? Any implemented instrument serves first of all to increase the webmaster’s earnings...
  19. Alex admitad

    Ask Me Anything Tips and Tricks for the Upcoming Holiday Season

    Do you know that retailers can acquire more than 55% of new customers during the holiday shopping season? For example, in 2016, we witnessed three important events: Black Friday, strong November sales, and Cyber Monday. Remarkably, two of these events turned from two days into the entire week...
  20. Alex admitad

    Few Facts from the admitad's Black Friday'2017 report