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  1. MaxBountyJoe

    MaxBounty's Tips for Choosing Affiliate Campaigns as a Beginner

    Hey, everyone! I just wanted to quickly share some content that we recently put out on the MaxBounty Blog that should be helpful to any newbies here on Affiliate Fix. We break down six tips for choosing CPA campaigns when you're just starting out. It should give you a bit of guidance if...
  2. Hassan Kenny

    Affiliate newbie!

    I’m just new to affiliate marketing. And I wish to know more.....
  3. IndeXer

    Starting PayPerCall Campaign

    Hi, I got accepted in @MarketCall and starting my first paypercall campaign, as this is my first ever paypercall campaign I need few pointers and tips. So far I see that Marketcall doesn't provide landing pages so its a bit expensive to get the landing pages. What I understood so far is, you...
  4. Morvy Bloom

    Review How do you organize your campaigns (in the traffic source & Tracker)

    Hello guys, I am about to launch some new campaigns on different Spots/websites. I want to know how do you keep all the campaigns organized and track every campaign's metrics separately? I'm thinking to use 5:2:2 should the Landers/offers have different URLs or the tracker (Testeasily) does...
  5. Shubham Ghildiyal

    How does Instagram works for you?

    Hi all, I am seeking out to roll out a branding campaign using Instagram(Paid), all strategies will be appreciate from beneath of my heart! Please do share your experiences & knowledge:)
  6. Muhammad Hamza

    Offer Wanted Looking for Exclusive Offers

    Hi is working as CPA affiliate network since 2015, We are looking for exclusive direct offers from following niches Business Finance CC Submit COD Crypto Downloads Entertainment Forex / Binary Option Games Health Mobile Apps Nutra Surveys Sweepstakes We will list your offers for...
  7. Brijesh Soni

    We have Quality Traffic for CPI

    Hello Members, We are looking Stable and converting CPI, CPA Campaigns for our quality traffic sources. If you are looking quality traffic for your campaigns, then yes we have. Direct Media buyers, DSP, in-app, banner and much more traffic we have. Payment terms are prepayment as its quality...
  8. M

    Images for landing pages

    Hi All, Can I use "CC0-Licensed Images" for my landing pages (Landing pages which I use for running CPA campaigns) So these images are available with following licenses ✓ Free for personal and commercial use ✓ No attribution required So can I use these images for my landing pages without any...
  9. T

    Got trial or straight sale nutra campaigns in the US?

    Hello Marketers and Advertisers, Need MID's or additional processing volume for your current campaigns? Feel free to reach out so we can discuss a game plan to get you up and running. PM me or send me your skype to my inbox so i can add you.
  10. D

    Top Converting CPL / CPA Campaigns

    Some great new CPL / CPA offers from the Digital Sanctus Performance Network across multiple geos. Very competitive payouts and exclusives. Full campaign listing attached.
  11. FXORO Affiliates

    Looking For Publishers - Forex/CFDs - CPA

    Hello Guys, Are you a webmaster, publisher, guru who can market a licensed Forex brand? We are looking forward to hear from you. Amazing CPA commissions are offered in return! FXORO Affiliates
  12. B

    10000 vistor from popup is enogh for optimizing ?

    Hello Guyes is 10000 visitor for for mobile is enough to know wheather to stay and optimise this campaign or move to next offer ?
  13. Dhruva06

    Buy Pop+Banner (mobile web) traffic via Self Serve Platform (DSP)

    Hello all, Adacts (India) has a self serve DSP platform for you. With over 10 pop exchanges and 15 exchanges integrated with us already and more coming soon! Grab this opportunity to get the traffic you need.
  14. R3DRUM

    How to Identify the Problem for Non Profitable Campaign?

    This is the follow up of my previous thread: How to Scale your Mobile Campaigns effectively? Part 2 In this thread, I'm going to give tips on how to identify the problems behind your non-profitable campaigns. What makes up a profitable campaign? Good Offer + Good Creatives(Banners/LPs) +...
  15. R3DRUM

    How to Scale your Mobile Campaigns effectively? Part 2

    As mentioned in my previous thread, I will be touching on how to scale to other sources. Below is the link to my previous thread. How to Scale your Mobile Campaigns effectively? So how do you scale out to other sources? Many people have the mindset whereby you have found the best...
  16. Victor Lebed

    Young and extremely abmitious traffic seeker :)

    Hi everyone! :) I hope that each of you is having a great day! My name is Victor, and I'm keen on marketing. I'm excited to meet new people here and will be extremely glad to work with CPI/CPA traffic sellers :) Besides, I'm a huge fan of music and football - so if you're tired from work, I...
  17. Liza.RedFireAds

    account manager

    Hi! I'm Liza - an account manager at RedFireAds. We are mobile CPI ad network with a media buying department. We have a big pool of great and exclusive campaigns for our publishers, and we're always open for new ones. So we're looking for new collaborations in both directions. Feel free to...
  18. Farazdaq


    Hello, Please do someone recommend traffic or good network working on CPI business model Thanks
  19. Devangi Adattract

    How Do I judge any campaign's RR?

    Is there any tool to measure it? Do Duplicate IPs and RR related with each other?
  20. Umar Abdulbasit

    Selling Do you need email list of any country? i can get it for you

    Are you an email marketer and need emails on a particular niche? I can get it done for you in 72hours, I mean any country of your choice.