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  1. Make Money With CPA

    Ask Me Anything How Can i index Backlinks or social post URL?

    Hello guys! Does anyone know about how can index my backlinks? I m using GSA indexer, indexification, and other tools but my backlinks are not indexed? which tools should I use to index my backlinks quickly? which way to index my backlinks fast? if anyone knows about it so please guide me...
  2. Joozedq

    How to Utilize Powerful Q&A Link Building for DA & Referral Traffic

    Hey all! I've been a long-time lurker on this forum so I wanted to share some super powerful SEO link building tactics that I've used that I think might benefit a lot of you affiliate marketing folks. Has anyone here tried using Q&A Links to generate referral traffic and boost your link...
  3. K

    How to improve organic traffic after disavowing links

    Hi Guys , So few days ago I disavowed some links in Google disavow tool which was toxic according to sem rush . After blocking them , my organic traffic went down . There is 60 % reduction in sessions . Can all share any tips to steps to improve my organic traffic in less days .
  4. bruce bates

    Building Backlinks while earning free crypto

    I am copying this from a post on made in my inkedin marketing group. Writing platforms Writing platforms are absolutely the easiest way to build high quality backlinks that just keep flowing in. There are tons and tons of writing platforms but personally I prefer writing platforms that allow...
  5. bruce bates

    Content driven backlinks with free hosting

    When it comes to SEO the advice is pretty much always the same. Examine the competition, see what they are doing, find out where their backlinks are coming from, and try to replicate their search placement success. On top of that you will also hear things like always buy your own domain name and...
  6. A

    how to make backlinks

    tell me the right way to make do follow backlinks
  7. Maqsood Rahman

    Dofollow Backlink List

    Hello Everyone, Can you guys please give me a dofollow backlink sites list. Please, I need it so much. Thanks all.
  8. E


    Any suggestions on how to get a good credible back link profile? I am pretty new to this so looking for any advice possible. Thanks Emma xx
  9. mrbry

    Affiliate Site Up and Running But Where to Go from Here?

    Hello everyone, Here’s where I’m at: Found a low competition niche with decent search volume Created simple affiliate site with about 9 products and signed up with Amazon Associates Did on-site SEO using Yoast SEO plugin for Wordpress Created a few backlinks through blog comments and forum...
  10. S

    Want to Guestblog on my site? - 2 free Backlinks!!!!!

    Hi friends! I started a new site. Its about affiliate marketing in the Adult Industry If there are people here who want 2 free backlinks from me, please do the following. Contact me through direct message. Write me a 350 to 800 word article on your product or service. Explaining how your deal...
  11. alvin_raj

    Good Back links for Ranking?

    I Got 100's of Backlinks for my keywords, My major keywords in 2nd Page of SERP. I want my keywords in the first page, I know it can happen when I got links from Authority sites, Through which I can get High Authority Backlinks. Please let me know.
  12. seopaidtools

    SEO tools here-- I'm helping freelancers

    Hello, I'd like to help SEOs, freelancers or small agencies that can't afford the best SEO tools on the market simply because I know how difficult it can be to compete while you are growing. That's why I'm offering Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMRush, MOZ, Screaming Frog and Serpstat SEO reports for $50...
  13. C

    How do i increase backlinks to my site significantly

    hi, I'm new to this whole forum thing and i'm just looking for help on how to build back links quickly without consuming lots of time? I'm new to all this and have had my own website up and running for almost a year now but sales are really slow. I'm putting in a lot of work posting on the...
  14. Muhammad Awais

    Without backlinking ranking possible?

    Is it right backlinks necassary. We cannot rank a site without backlinks?
  15. B

    sharing dofollow backlink for S.E.O!!

    hello everyone, who have dofollow backlik list let's start sharing here..... nice to share :)
  16. notoriouskrock

    Free Back Link Checker

    Hello, I thought I would share a free website that I use to check on both my website and competitors backlinks. I don't think it is as accurate as MOZ's or SEMrush tools, but it is free and you don't have to pay for it. It has already helped me get some backlinks from competitors already...
  17. Akshaysapra

    Best link building strategy for 2016?

    Heeeeya! What is the best link building(backlinking) strategy for 2016? Google has updated since 2012. It's difficult to get decent rankings in 2016. Suggest some of the best ways? Thanks!
  18. Azroumahli

    backlink maker is cool with google?

    hi, i want to know if backlink maker is cool with google?, like smallseotools and all the free tools on the ..?
  19. N


    NaijaAmazon here. I have over 10 years internet marketing experience. I'm a man of many parts. I'm into SEO, Graphic designs, Pencil Sketch, Video Animation and Affiliate marketing. I'm happy to be part of this community to contribute my own quota to make it a better place and to learn from others
  20. Sunny91

    Ranking in Google - Backlinks?

    Hi, i wanted to know what the best method is to rank in google. I know you need social signals and backlinks from various sources. What i'm stuck on is getting niche related backlinks. How do you get backlinks from niche related sites? (other than blog comments):confused: