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Building Backlinks while earning free crypto

bruce bates

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I am copying this from a post on made in my inkedin marketing group.

Writing platforms

Writing platforms are absolutely the easiest way to build high quality backlinks that just keep flowing in. There are tons and tons of writing platforms but personally I prefer writing platforms that allow me to earn tips in cryptocurrency. They are great for backlinks and I get paid while building those backlinks.

A lot of people think such platforms are really only for writing things about cryptocurrency. Nothing could be further from the truth. Although most of them are geared towards the crypto-community, your audience is your audience and you can post about anything.

Publish0x is one of my favorite platform and they have categories for cryptocurrency; music, art, and photography; Entertainment; Tech and Science; Health; culture and society; and business and finance (which includes sub category for marketing).

Good platforms for writing, earning and building backlinks are:

Publish0x - Earn Cryptocurrency for blogging