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  1. Honeybadger

    Google's 12 best SEO practices for bloggers

    Google migrated content from Webmaster Central to Search Central & updated advice for bloggers and copywriters to get visibility in Google search Write well and often Follow the Webmaster Guidelines Categorize your posts Make sure users (and crawlers) can easily find your blog If necessary...
  2. innovativelee

    Viral Election News Site

    Hey Fixers! What are your thoughts on starting an election site and adding affiliate links or cpa offers embedded into the content? News sites such as cnn, buzzfeed, dailybeast, etc does this. In fact, most of these sites have native ads. Politics ignites an inner fire. I don't mind...
  3. Honeybadger

    How to Write Blog Posts that Convert

    Found this guide buried in on Amazon Associates help web site Some of it is elementary but I learned new tactics also How to write an Affiliate Marketing blogpost that converts
  4. Honeybadger

    Write better headlines with this free tool

    Can you improve this headline? I scored 86/100 Try it: No affiliation, just sharing
  5. Honeybadger

    10 places to find free images online

    List of 10 places to find free images, graphics and photographs for commercial use on affiliate marketing websites, with no fees. Friends - Got 5,000 friends on Facebook? See if they have an image for you. Your Smartphone - Have you taken a photo yourself that you can use? Wikipedia &...
  6. bruce bates

    Building Backlinks while earning free crypto

    I am copying this from a post on made in my inkedin marketing group. Writing platforms Writing platforms are absolutely the easiest way to build high quality backlinks that just keep flowing in. There are tons and tons of writing platforms but personally I prefer writing platforms that allow...
  7. MollySipe

    New site

    Hi everyone, I found a lot of sites review. But any site doesn't have one of the great services that was used by my best friend and was 100% satisfied. Is it only sponsored sites are there on review sites or I can add this great site and my colleagues students will be able to use this service...
  8. Anthony Little

    CopyWriting Books

    I've been trying to work on my Copywriting skills. I wanted know are there any Copywriting books you recommend.
  9. S


    hi friends i am new to forum and very glad to see great and help full personalities nice to meet you all.
  10. azgold

    How to Become a Professional Copywriter

    I know we have a few struggling and aspiring copywriters on AffiliateFix. If you fall into that category, you may find this article by Han-Gwon Lung on NewsTimes interesting and helpful. In his 7 Steps to Becoming a Professional Copywriter article, Lung lists the seven things he believes you...
  11. Anna16

    Ask Me Anything How to be good at SEO content writing?

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie in SEO. So could you tell me something about SEO content writing? And is there any tool can support to this content problem? Thanks!
  12. Annabella Montgomery

    Selling Content writer for articles and product descriptions

    Hi everyone! So, I have a degree in English and if you are brave enough to take a chance on me as I am new to this, then I will write 500 words for £5!!!
  13. P

    Introducing Myself

    My name is Olatunji Israel. I'm an African, but based in the United States. I love writing on business and business management.