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  1. G

    I am beginner in Affiliate Marketing

    Hi Everyone, I need guidance for affiliate marketing. Although i am started affiliate marketing but not earning. So, i need help in that. Please do let me know, I am a new affiliate marketer here. Through which product i can start my sales without having any expertise in particular product...
  2. James_09

    Do you promote affiliate link through email marketing??

    My name is Albright and I'm a professional Digital marketer & experienced market researcher within 4+ years. I will do Digital marketing, SEO, Social media marketing, Video and Music Promotion, Email Marketing. I provide solutions for companies or individuals interested in getting sales and...
  3. Abril

    Hello there!

    I'm Abril and I represent RYD! ;) We're very excited to announce the official launch of our new CPA Network. (aka RYD) will be your new key to open your Dreams Trunk and we're here to help you finding that key! In-House, Exclusive, or Top Direct Offers, let's dream...
  4. affilify

    Ask Me Anything Best Affiliate Program for Woman- age:40 to 60- 50% mums- high earning adults

    My target audience is women aged 40 to 60, over half are mothers, live mostly in UK and US, and their earning is high. their interests are Royal news, food and drink and Fashion. I was wondering what types of offers would best be suitable for this target audience if my preferred method of...
  5. H

    Ask Me Anything Can you take a look here and tell me your experience if any ???

    Hello, I am happy to write here this network claims Hello, I am happy to write here A few days ago, I joined a network called health trader Do you have any experiences ?? What do you think are the best ways to promote this type of product ??
  6. Adam80Johnson

    Chrome 80 update

    Hi, I'm sure everyone has already heard about Chrome browser update. Can anybody explain how it affects affiliate marketing? Is it the end for campaigns tracking?
  7. Nathan Hailey

    Looking for Affiliate Marketers for Product

    Hi I am Nathan Hailey
  8. hwolpoff

    Looking for strong marketers with a good list

    Hey all. I am a marketing strategist and business coach with an outstanding e-learning site to teach small business owners and entrepreneurs how to become business marketing experts. *Edited by admin* .
  9. bexplus

    Affiliates Wanted Bexplus Affiliate Program: Participate In November Gold Rush

    In recent years, crypto investors have significantly more opportunities for profit on cryptocurrencies. In addition to ordinary spot trading, more and more investors are looking towards margin trading with leverage: the volume of contracts on leading world margin exchanges is breaking records...
  10. S

    New Member Intro

    Hi I am New Here Anybody Welcome Me ***Edited By Admin***
  11. Azadul-Bari

    Affiliates Wanted For the best offers!!

    What are the best offers really?? Actually there are many of various niches. Join us to find the best offers available in the market. Give it a try to get the proof...
  12. Tanay Kumar Das

    Affiliate Promotion Strategy

    Free traffic 1. Facebook groups on your niche. Create a group or Page and Promote it . 2. Youtube ( Post A Review Of Your Affiliate Product) 3. ( Give Quality answers so that people go to your profile link) 4. ( same as above) 5.Related Forums on your niche...
  13. Azadul-Bari

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for high performing affiliates

    The best offers are here. Don't just believe in words or advertisements. We have got the best quality offers of almost every verticals and with highest payout in the market today. Give it a try to believe...
  14. M

    Where to get deals for media buying?

    Hello All, I am trying converting pops from long time but not profitable yet. I am planning to run banner traffic now and I have two questions regarding banner traffic 1: Can anyone pls suggest DSP/traffic sources (with decent targeting levers (URLs, Category). I am looking for DSP which are...
  15. Chris CpaHall

    Buying Leads New interface, New High converting offers!!!

    Looking for good affiliates with quality traffics and leads. If you are looking for good and high converting offers then we are waiting for you. Our doors are open for you if you have quality traffic and leads. Please do visit our network for more details. Give it a try to get the prove that we...
  16. G

    SaferVPN Affiliate Program

    Become a SaferVPN affiliate and promote the fastest, easiest VPN service on the web. Our affiliate program offers leading commission rates, with on time payment. Best Commission and High Conversion We also offer recurring commissions for our affiliates. Our high conversion rates maximize your...
  17. C

    Tracking Links Never Working To App Installs

    This has been an issue ever since i started i work with over 10 different affiliate networks and every time i try to promote an offer using the tracking link it never goes to the actual app store like its suppose to to download the app why is this?
  18. Idvert

    Looking for CPI and CPA Offers.

    Hye, I'm Farjad, manager in Idvert -Affiliate Network. Idvert Group Ltd. is an Internet marketing and big data solutions Company with 9 years of successful operational experience as an Affiliate Network, headquartered in China. We've high quality CPI traffic mostly from US, JP, UK, CA, CN...
  19. RaeeA

    NeWants Elite Members Program - Not Your Typical Affiliate Group

    Hello! My name is Raee and I’m currently an affiliate member for NeWants, a new tech start-up funded by Bluefly. NeWants is an e-commerce startup that offers the best-selling tech gadgets and lifestyle products on the market at the lowest prices. By using crowdfunding, NeWants decentralizes...
  20. Idvert

    How to find Affiliates? [High payouts]

    Hello, I'm Farjad, manager in Idvert, an affiliate network with years of experience. Idvert has great opportunities for promising Affiliates with Direct and exclusive campaigns for Global market. We offer reasonable Payouts on Weekly basis. We're partnered with Google Adwards in China and...