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Affiliate Promotion Strategy

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Tanay Kumar Das, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Tanay Kumar Das

    Tanay Kumar Das Affiliate affiliate

    Free traffic

    1. Facebook groups on your niche. Create a group or Page and Promote it .

    2. Youtube ( Post A Review Of Your Affiliate Product)

    3. Quora.com ( Give Quality answers so that people go to your profile link)

    4. Reddit.com ( same as above)

    5.Related Forums on your niche (Give Quality answers so that people go to your profile link)

    6.Blog Commenting (Give relevant and Quality Comments)

    7.Pinterest.com (follow many people on your niche)

    8.Instagram.com (Post relevant Photos with proper Hashtags)

    9.Twitter.com (Increase follower with Follow & Unfollow Process)

    Paid Traffic

    Facebook Ads ( Optimize yourself or take help from Fb Ads Expert )

    Instagram (send message to someone who has many followes example 200k and tell him to create a post for your


    Youtube (same as above, you will tell someone to put your link on the video description)

    Solo ads: Find Proper site

    Bing Ads: ( Carefull here because you can start for FREE!!!)


    1.sign up a free account

    2.add your payment details

    3.start live chat and ask them for a free promotional code( they will give you 100$ advertising coupon for free)

    4. After coupon ends if you deposit 15$ they will give you again 75$ coupon for free.
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  2. Voluum
  3. DeepaJohn

    DeepaJohn Affiliate affiliate

    Learn to Outrank the Competition. ...
    Do (Lazy) Research. ...
    Select a Profitable Affiliate Program. ...
    Believe in the Product or Company You're Marketing. ...
    Use Low-cost Tools for Your Marketing Campaign. ...
    Avoid the Common Pitfalls in Affiliate Marketing.v
  4. thelegend

    thelegend Affiliate affiliate

    Thats some very good ideas .if you find your time to make a post each day on this traffic sources for 90 days you will achieve succes in no time
  5. Certified

    MyLead Active Member Certified Vendor Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Well, that's ok and informative thread but there is also one very necessary thing to talk about. It's good to mastery one kind of traffic or tries to test and get all info for at least a month. Trying each of them, jumping from Facebook to Youtube won't let your traffic to reach the top in one of them.
  6. AnujKaushal!

    AnujKaushal! Affiliate affiliate

    Well, Good thread But I will always suggest everybody Master one traffic source First then move to other option at least one month try only one traffic source and check what's you doing wrong If anybody on a low Budget then you can start with pop and push these traffic source are so cheap and converts really well