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  1. Tanay Kumar Das

    Affiliate Promotion Strategy

    Free traffic 1. Facebook groups on your niche. Create a group or Page and Promote it . 2. Youtube ( Post A Review Of Your Affiliate Product) 3. ( Give Quality answers so that people go to your profile link) 4. ( same as above) 5.Related Forums on your niche...
  2. Saffron Marie

    What is the best way to promote an adult affiliate programme?

    Hi all Im new here so forgive my ignorance. Having built an online shop which seems to have taken off, i have now started an affiliate programme offering what i perceive to be great commission rates, this is on a tiered basis. I sell luxurious adult toy, lingerie etc and want to promote my...
  3. Eliah Kelly

    Ayrex Affiliate Program

    Hi everyone Let me say a few words about Ayrex affiliate program on this great forum! Ayrex broker is growing and so does our affiliate program. If you have experience in and/or interest to promoting binary options don't hesitate contact us! Eliah
  4. OSHI

    Affiliates Wanted OSHI Defender - 80% commission Affiliate Program

    Dear Webmasters, I'm glad to present you our OSHI Defender Affiliate Program. Anti-malware software is one of the growing market trends. Raising amount of scammers and potentially harmful programs that may receive access to your personal data put internet security on top of user’s interests...
  5. Profitdeal

    What are the best approaches to be a successful affiliate marketer

    Hi, Promoting the products and services is the job involved in Affiliate marketing but how to do it exactly so that we can end up in larger number of sales. What are the best methods and ways to promote other than blogging, article marketing, email marketing, writing reviews etc