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  1. PartnersMad4Co

    Launching A New West End Ticketing Aff Program

    We are looking to promote our new business partner, Your First Click, who specialise in West End, London & UK wide theatre shows. "Your First Click tickets offer affiliates a unique opportunity to promote tickets live from the box office ticketing system. We have 100's of shows for the West...
  2. S

    Common Errors in Niche Marketing

    Niche marketing is an effective marketing strategy for a business. However, you need to understand that while implementing the strategy, you can exercise many errors that are commonly found in the niche strategies. Some of the errors that are common and are detrimental for a niche strategy are...
  3. coolcake

    What Are The Best Sexshop Affiliate Programs?

    Hello guys, I'm planning to monetize adult traffic (Geo tier-1, Male Age 35+, desktop) and I would love to integrate affiliate sexshop offers to my fans. Who is the best affiliate sexshop program? the largest one the highest paying worldwide delivery and good reviews I would love to hear...
  4. A.A. Qureshi

    Affiliates Wanted Is anyone interested in making some huge bucks?

    Hi everyone, A couple of weeks I posted a thread on earning the highest affiliate commissions. I just wanted to share with everyone the chance to earn up to 55% commissions on affiliate sales is open. But only 15 days are left. Don't waste time just join our affiliate program and share the...
  5. A.A. Qureshi

    Affiliates Wanted Earn the highest commissions just this BFCM!!!

    Hello Affiliates, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two biggest days when shoppers go all frenzy. For business owners, it's a huge opportunity to capitalize on the overwhelming shopping spirit of customers. But instead of selling anything, I want to that all the AffiliateFix members make huge...
  6. PMaffiliates

    Announcement Special Proposal for RU, IN, BR

    Do you have traffic for RU, IN, BR? We are waiting for you! RU LEGAL: up to 6000 RUB, min deposit 1 RUB (wallets)/ 100 RUB (cards) IN : up to 50$, baseline 4$ BR : up to 70$, baseline 5$ We would like to remind you that Parimatch is the exclusive betting partner of the UFC and La Liga, as...
  7. PMaffiliates

    Announcement PMaffiliates Entry Bonus

    Welcome to PMaffiliates, Bro ;) Hurry up to start working with PMaffiliates between 15th September - 31st October and get your Entry Bonus! Models: СPA / RevShare GEO: UA, RU, KZ, AZ, UZ, BY, IN, NG, BR, TZ, TJ Vertical: gambling (except RU) and betting Run FTDs and get % to your payment...
  8. SEO Tripwire

    Affiliates Wanted SEO Website Tracking Tool Seeking Affiliates, 80% Commissions for Affiliates!

    Hi, SEO tripwire is a change detection tool that helps track changes to your important SEO elements on websites to help prevent your websites from falling out of Google's index. We are currently actively seeing affiliates to join our affiliate program and for a limited only, we are offering 80%...
  9. James_09

    Do you promote affiliate link through email marketing??

    My name is Albright and I'm a professional Digital marketer & experienced market researcher within 4+ years. I will do Digital marketing, SEO, Social media marketing, Video and Music Promotion, Email Marketing. I provide solutions for companies or individuals interested in getting sales and...
  10. Jstmore

    Affiliates Wanted JSTmore - Influencer Affiliate Program | Monthly Payments | CPA Rev-Share | WW

    Are you looking for steady earnings in an untapped niche? Then you came to the right thread. It's common knowledge that influencers are the most effective source of targeted advertising and marketing for brands. Even more so, it's not unheard of, to see influencers making over $50k per...
  11. Armorica

    Affiliates Wanted Armorica - Hot E-commerce Offers | CPA, RevShare | SmartLink | Nutra, CBD, etc

    Armorica is an affiliate network with highly-demanded CPA and Revenue Share offers. Here you can find exclusive deals for your traffic in different verticals: E-commerce, Nutra, Finance, Educational, Health and Beauty, and even more. We carefully handpicked and integrated the best performing...
  12. Paiva

    HY affiliates - forex related program. Any reviews or comments?

    I’ve got the feeling that affiliate programs that deal with forex related business can be rather interesting. Isn’t it the niche where the big money is? I wonder if anyone tried working with HY affiliates program. Any reviews? They offer up to $1000 CPA. Sounds like smth worth paying attention...
  13. S

    The part of my site to be sent to affiliate programs, and the need for SSL

    Hello, I'm just starting with affiliate marketing and am super novice. I bought a domain name and hosting for a year from HostGator. I'd appreciate if you answer the two folowing questions of mine: 1) Do I absolutely need an SSL certificate to start affiliate marketing? I'm taking affiliate...
  14. zakaria intaj

    My first 7k with web hosting affiliate programe.

    Hi guys... im posting here to share with you my experience in web hosting affiliate program, just to keep our motivations up. So i made $7,230 in one week without any paid traffic just publishing posts about there services and some coupons in facebook page that related with this niche ...
  15. Rosario Galeano

    Seahorse mobile Director - looking direct Traffic

    Hi group! I am Rosario, Director in Seahorse Mobile Partner. We have lot of campaigns looking for more traffic so here I send you some information: - CPI : kr jp au uk us sp fr - CPA: kr jp au uk us sp fr - CPL: LATAM and Spain. - we work by api, s2s , pixel. Net 30 terms Payoneer and paypal...
  16. L

    Looking for Affiliates

    My name is Lawrence and I'm the head of partnerships at Tiege Hanley. We're a direct-to-consumer men's skin care company devoted to improving the way men look and feel. I came across your article about men's skin care and I was really intrigued and impressed. I think your team would be an...
  17. cpagoose

    Test: the BEST push-affiliate programs

    Hello! I would like to share the results of my test. I was sending traffic through a tracking system, distributing on four push-affiliate programs, and landing pages were with the best conversion rates. Participants: Daopush — no ref Zpush — no ref / ref Redpush — no ref / ref Realpush — no ref...
  18. Azadul-Bari

    Announcement Doing our best to be the best!!!

    To be the best people needs to do give their best. While advertising people says 50 truths about their subject with 50 lies. We are proud to say that we are saying only the truths that we all should say about our subjects, which really is the criteria. We always say try your self for once and...
  19. Azadul-Bari

    Buying Traffic For high quality offers!!!

    Need traffic for almost all kind off offers. Many special offers with high payout are waiting... Try your self to get the best...
  20. Azadul-Bari

    Looking For High Quality traffic!!!

    Looking for high quality multi source traffic for our direct offers. Affiliates who have them and interested to work with us, please feel free to contact.