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zPush - push monetization

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by zgroup, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. zgroup

    zgroup Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Hello everybody! I am glad to introduce a new platform for monetization Push Notifications to you - zPush.biz


    Main advantages are:
    • Get traffic from more than 230 countries - no visitor is left without monetization
    • High CPM - thanks to a big number of advertisers and a new "smart" rotation for each user CPM shows greater results than all competitors do.
    • Opportunity for monetization of http sites.
    • Referral program - 3%
    How much can you earn?

    It depends on the quality of your traffic (country and theme) and the number of ads impressions to unique user (you can choose from 3 to 16 impressions a day). We can show average CPC in interested you country by request. Some screenshots of profitability from our webmasters:



    What about payouts?

    Within 24 hours after the request via Webmoney, PayPal и ePayments. Minimum amount is 10$.

    How to start?

    It's easy to start! Register on zPush, add your website (or a link if you are mediabuyer), set Ad block, put the code and start getting your first profit in 3 hours after the subscription.
    You can ask any questions about settings or system here:


    [​IMG] live: zpushbiz
    [​IMG] Telegram: @zpushbiz
    [​IMG] [email protected]

    Registration on zPush
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. zgroup

    zgroup Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Hi there!

    Good news! We launched a function which allows send yours push notifications to users.
    You can find it opposite domain name

  4. DanielFIRE

    DanielFIRE Affiliate affiliate

    i have tested this company along with other push networks and the rates and performance were lower than expected, other networks simply made more money for me..