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  1. Zaryab Khattak

    Affiliates Wanted Inhouse Home-improvements offers for the US geo!

    Ellow Ellow, What's up everybody! i know i know I am waaaaaay behind schedule but i have many other things to manage believe me :) Anyways! Evander Affiliates has put up a new show regarding Home-improvement campaigns for the US geo that are currently on demand and looking forward more...
  2. YamiLeads

    Official Traffic needed

    Looking for Dating, Sweep, Crypto, Casino traffic. CPA, CPL Traffic sources: social, native, email, display etc. Skype: live:.cid.61f595569bb3e20f ;)
  3. Leadnetwork

    Official LeadNetwork Best PayDay Affiliate Program

    During this evolving post-Covid time the digital world continues to present numerous financial opportunities. Therefore, we observe growth in the lending industry. Consumer lending behavior is shifting rapidly to digital. As never before people understand the fact of being responsible for their...
  4. B

    What are the reason people fail in affiliate marketing

    Point out different reasons
  5. I

    Affiliates Wanted How can you earn money from search engine marketing in 2022?

    In 2022, search engine marketing (SEM) will be one of the most effective and efficient ways to earn money online. By using SEM, businesses can improve their website’s visibility and traffic, which can lead to more customers and higher profits. Additionally, SEM can be used to target specific...
  6. A

    What do you think about Admitad?

    Do you have any experience with this affiliate marketing platform?
  7. MyLead

    The most important dates in 2022 for affiliate marketing

    The most important dates in 2022 for affiliate marketing New Year, new plans! We have summarized all the important data for 2022 in one place. You can plan a strategy for next year on our calendar. There are many important holidays to celebrate, but smaller ones can also be useful. Patrick's...
  8. vickhoff

    $400 for tracker per month

    Hello helpies, i hope everyone is fine at the other side. iam writing this as iam now stuck on something where im helpless little bit, 4 months back i was starting the affiliate thing and i was searching for offers, landers, trackers etc for the setup on the internet.... after sometime, i found...
  9. D

    Need expertise from people with experience!

    Hello fellow Affiliatefix users. I have recently started my journey where my goal is to make a living out of promoting different CPA/CPL offers where my main traffic source is PUSH. Propellerads, Noviclick & Richads for a start. The main vertical im going with is Casino but im also interested...
  10. MarketCall

    Official Alternative traffic sources for Pay Per Call offers

    Hey everyone! In recent guides, we've looked at different ways of running traffic with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Today we'll discuss other traffic sources which are also popular with our affiliates. We will list both the advantages and disadvantages of each source for American Pay Per Call...
  11. Y

    How to Grow a YouTube Channel Fast: 13 Tips to Getting More Views and Subscribers on YouTube

    Did you know that more people use YouTube than Facebook? YouTube is the second most visited site in the world. The average person logs over 21 minutes per visit and views more than 11 pages. Given that YouTube is accessible on almost any device, from smartphones to television screens, it’s no...
  12. A

    Which method is right for selling a product?

    Hi, I am very inexperienced, and I want to make a sale. What method do you suggest to get results quickly?
  13. D

    Review The traffic sources for affiliate marketing

    Show me the easiest traffic source for affiliate marketing
  14. D

    What are the easiest way

    What are the easiest way to make money on affiliate marketing
  15. A

    Access to 50K+ advertisers

    i am a meta network have access to 50K+ advertisers globally, looking for publishers/ media buyers.
  16. YamiLeads

    Official YamiLeads

    Welcome to the official YamiLeads thread! :cool: About us: YamiLeads is an Affiliate network. Founded in 2020, we had the desire to take our 10 years of experience as affiliates and turn it into something bigger. In this constantly dynamic field, we are inspired by our partners to...
  17. iMonetizeIt

    Ask Me Anything Google UAC + Dating Smartlink iMonetizeit ROI 46% Profit $3389

    Hey affiliates! New case study on how to work with Goolgle UAC and use it for Dating vertical Affiliate program: iMonetizeIt Offer: Dating Smartlink Period: March 2021 Geo: FR, GR, HR Traffic source: Google Universal App Campaigns (UAC) through Apps Costs - $7361 Income - $10751 ROI =...
  18. Marina_TLight

    From Russia with love

    Hello! My name is Marina and I'm PR-manager of international affiliate network (have no idea can I introduce it here or not) :) I'm here to meet new people, to understand how I can help them and to find an international community of webmasters (and to exchange experience) Next 3 weeks I'll be a...
  19. lightworker12345


    My name is Omonota and I'm new here and i want to learn more here and do some business with you guys in the future Thanks!
  20. K

    Experience With AWIN

    Hi All, I have created a website and I'm going to apply to the AWIN affiliate program. I was just wondering if anyone has done this before and if you have any tips/advice?