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Zeropark Mobile Campaign Follow Along

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by TheDane, May 19, 2015.

  1. TheDane

    TheDane Affiliate affiliate

    I decided to test out Zeropark, I used @servandosilva coupon and got $500 extra credits deposited,that should surely help me get in to the breakeven zone faster.

    My current objective is to get in to mobile, so I joined @cashmoneyaffiliate and Tai has been very helpful so far. It is very handy having a proven super affiliate helping you out. I have submitted several questions and within 24 hours I get good and actionable advice.

    I know that money follows money, so I joined up on Mobile Adscout as well, I was lucky wnough to get the discount after the webinar the other day, I still find it too expensive and it seems a bit flaky to me. Like if you seaarch for campaigns in Malaysia you get a campaign and see the lander is in Tagalog or Russian... But still a good indicator for what kind of offers are good and the lander types being run.

    I settled on my niche, I decided to keep my niche / offers secret here, that way I can pretty much be open about everything else - nobody wants their brand new optimized campaign just swiped here would they :)

    I went on a bunch of networks looking around for offers and finally found a few offers I wanted to test on F5 Media. They have a very good selection of mobile offers and some helpful AMs. Always a good sign!

    I swiped 4 different landers and got them translated in to the local language. I tweaked a bit here and there - not enough to claim credit for them, but enough to not feel like a total jerk.

    Then on to Zeropark setting up my campaign.

    Campaign Settings:

    Domain Traffic


    Daily Budget: $25

    Mobile Only

    Android Only

    Carrier Traffic Only

    Frequency 24 Hours - I dont want to waste budget on the same user over and over again in my testing phase.

    Adult Filtering

    I wanted to see how my offer converted under each, so I set up 2 identical campaigns, one for adult and one for non adult.

    This is my setup so far... Next post will be some stats.

    Please feel free to comment and offer up advice.
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  2. terraleads
  3. TheDane

    TheDane Affiliate affiliate

    I forgot to mention my bidding.

    I started very very low and got very little traffic.

    I then set the bids to be in #1 position at $0.07 which I find very high for a tier 3 country, but I want to collect some data.

    I let this run a few hours and it ate my $25 budget for the day pretty quick. So then I move my bidding to position #3 and set my daily budget to $50 instead.

    Any comments on the bidding part?

    Stats so far:

    Non Adult:

    Redirects: 702
    Clicks: 195
    Conversions: 4
    Revenue: $8.80
    Cost: $24.70
    Total: ($15.90)


    Redirects: 77
    Clicks: 8
    Conversions: 0
    Revenue: $0
    Cost: $0.52
    Total: ($0.52)
  4. michael87

    michael87 Affiliate affiliate

    i am not sure about others but i start normally around the 5th position and then move my bid up slowly. this way i can monitor my trafffic and make sure that my budget is not used up within the first few hours. but i have yet to master this art ;)

    following your post!
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  5. javierin

    javierin Affiliate affiliate

    are you using domain redirect or pup up? because your bid is so so so high, I think you can't never go profitable with that bid on zeropark
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  6. TheDane

    TheDane Affiliate affiliate

    @michael87 Thanks, I am currently sitting around 3-4 that seems to suit my daily budget. I am worried by going too low I wont get to test some of the more expensive targets which very well could be the best converters.

    @javierin I am using domain redirects - RON, I am not thinking I will be profitable with the #1 bid, but I want to see how the high bid targets perform. I have already adjusted my bid down but also seen a decrease in CVR. But my thinking with the high bid was to get some data in fast and test all targets.

    Stats update:

    Non Adult:

    Redirects: 1,830
    Clicks: 498
    Conversions: 7
    Revenue: $14.80
    Cost: $66.80
    Total: ($52.00)


    Redirects: 152
    Clicks: 26
    Conversions: 0
    Revenue: $0
    Cost: $3.08
    Total: ($3.08)

    Analyzing the Data and Deciding next Steps.

    I am shutting down the adult campaign, the bid is currently 0.037 and I am getting ****all traffic and the CTR is 10% lower than the non adult campaign. I guess the guys surfing porn are busy concentrating on something other than what I have to offer them.

    Stats per Lander:


    2 of the landers show at least a bit of potential, I run the stats through this tool:

    AB split test graphical Bayesian calculator | PeakConversion

    This gives me a very clear picture of the probability of my landers performance. In this case it wasn't that hard a pick, but I like running my stats through here to get the stone cold numbers.

    Lander 1 has 17% chance of being the best and Lander 2 has 78% chance.

    Lander Breakdown:

    Lander 1 has the worst CTR but the highest conversion rate, so it gets to live another day.

    Lander 2 Has the highest CTR the highest Conversion rate - this baby will be green soon!

    Lander 3 has good CTR and 1 conversion, it has potential, maybe add a few of the features from the test winner and run a similar lander later.

    Lander 4 is sitting at a comfortable 23% CTR, but with zero conversions that doesn't help me much.

    Actions Today:

    Lander 3 and 4 are going to die today!

    Adult Campaign will die today

    Make one new lander and add to the mix.
    Last edited: May 20, 2015
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  7. TheDane

    TheDane Affiliate affiliate

    Conversions dropped to near zero after I lowered my bid to position #3 / #4

    CTR is about the same but no more conversions...
  8. TheDane

    TheDane Affiliate affiliate

    I got the new lander up, I made a red themed version of Lander 2 - lets see how that goes :)

    I went through ZP and killed all targets with $2 and up spend without conversions. This was only 5 targets though.

    Adspend so far is $104
    income $19.20

    Still very red, but data is coming in.

    Today only 2 conversions which worries me a bit. Maybe my chosen country is just too competitive. I have asked my AM to get me a few more offers in the same vertical but other geos.
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  9. TheDane

    TheDane Affiliate affiliate

    The campaign budget of $120 ran out today and these are my stats so far:

    Redirects: 3,421
    Clicks: 2,969
    Conversions: 11
    Revenue: $23.60
    Cost: $119.89
    Total: ($96.29)

    CTR went through the roof because I added another lander with a sneaky script and because Volume seems to not be very good at handling clicks vs unique clicks. Reminded me why I dumped them in the first place...

    I had a grand total of 11 conversions on 11 different targets. I have put the 11 targets in a separate campaign now and will see if I can get that profitable. If I can, then I will turn on the other campaign again to find more converting targets.

    I found that when adjusting your bid down on Zeropark, you get lower quality targets, I had very few conversions after I went down to 3-5th spot on the bidding list. A lot of targets have higher individual bids on them so you never get to test the juicier ones.

    I also found out my geo was too competitive, I will do my next test in another less competitive geo and see how that goes.

    Someone suggested I tried the same campaign on pop-ups on Zeropark, so I cloned the campaign over to pops and had zero conversions after 5 times CPA spend. So that was a no-go.

    I also put a clone of this campaign on Popcash just to see how that compared CTR and everything. On Popcash the adult version was green right away and the non adult version never had a conversion. CTR on Popcash was about a third of Zeropark domain redirects.
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  10. Martini

    Martini Well-Known Member affiliate

    what do you use for tracking?
  11. TheDane

    TheDane Affiliate affiliate

    I use Voluum for Zeropark campaigns, I am not completely happy with them and stopped using them before because of the lack of unique click tracking. I have lots of users showing up with multiple clicks on my landers making my CTR data unusable.

    I sent them a message about it and kind of got a tough luck reply, so I stopped using them. But they are integrated with Zeropark and the only way to really track cost on Zeropark, si I decided to try again.

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