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I would like to introduce you to my latest affiliate marketing project.
Free software that displays erotic shows on your desktop (most of you know the iStripper program, formerly Virtualgirl).
I am currently working on expanding the website in Arabic and Hebrew.
The provider is currently working on a mobile version that is still in beta.
Here is the link to my new website: Free Homeoffice Software
Feedback / suggestions for improvement are welcome.

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One post last year, one post this year, and you want us to offer feedback?

C'mon man! We hope you can be more collaborative going forward.

It will be interesting to see how well this is received given the volume of free totally nude content there is out there already.

Seems pretty straight forward. Nothing really dynamic, but also tasteful.

Is there an affiliate program?


That's right, I'm really lagging behind when it comes to posts in the forum.

For the future I have decided to keep you informed about the development of my new project.
I'm very curious myself whether the site will convert and earn commissions.

By the way, the page has now also been translated into Arabic.

Yes, there is an affiliate program.
The provider is called Totemcasch, here is the link Home | iStripper Affiliation Program.

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to support you.

Best regards from germany


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You need to get someone to fix that copy --that is not proper English.
Istripper is so retro --IDK how well that will work today --was cute c.2000
Your site locked up my Firefox browser -- probably because i am blocking whatever you are doing?
A 'stock' Google Chrome works fine.
Try it out I guess -- What you have done will need advertising --there is no SEO value


You need to get someone to fix that copy --that is not proper English.
Thank you for the hint and for the link to Readable.
That helps me a lot as I am not a native speaker.
Also thank you for taking the time to look at the website.

Istripper is so retro
It's true, istripper is retro.
But that's the nice thing about it, good-looking girls in lingerie dancing on the screen, that stimulates the imagination of some, especially in the Corona era when many of us have to do our work at home.

Your site locked up my Firefox browser
Unfortunately, I cannot answer why Firefox is blocking my site for you.
I didn't use any special scripts.
If other users have this problem I would be very interested so that I can find a solution.

What you have done will need advertising
I haven't done anything in advertising yet.
I'm only at the beginning and I'm not the great expert either.

Istripper is currently creating a mobile app.
This is still in the beta stage and there are currently no separate affiliate links to the mobile site only via adspaces.

As soon as the moblie version is ready, I plan to advertise for mobile devices.
But I still have no idea about advertising on mobile devices and have to find out who is a good provider.