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Who Is Using "AMP" Emails?


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I have a couple of email upgrades available and I think I'll be adding AMP to my platforms. Most of the bigger, et al, email platforms are offering AMP now. It really is pretty cool. I'll be playing around with it over the next month as we get AMP integrated here at AffiliateFix as well as on two of my content sites.

Most everyone has heard AMP email is like a mini web page and interactive, but there is so much more. AMP technology is a leading edge tech that does a lot of new heavy lifting in putting email marketing at new levels. Registrations and confirmations, appointments and confirmations, feedback responses, form fills, rates calculations, sharing and delivering real-time content, and many other things can be done in newsletters, promo emails, and branding endeavors. The opportunities for providing solos is enormous.

This is a tech that provides huge creative opportunities, requires fewer steps to recipients, and has shown to improve open rates and click throughs from 250% to 400%.

Tell us if you have had similar experiences, understandings, implementations, etc.

I'll be back with more as I dive into this tech deeper as well as when I am able to gather enough data for comparisons.
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The only thing I've done with AMP, which really isn't technically AMP, is doing the animated images in the emails. I've found that it brings in more clicks. Namely on ecommerce.