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Which WP plugin for comparison tables creation would you recommend?

Olha Hl

Hi everyone

I`m new in Affiliate Marketing so I`m currently discovering the tools and different ways to increase conversion rate :)

I know that there are good plugins that help to create great comparisons but I can`t decide which one is the best.

Thanks in advance


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You have plugins such as AffiliateWP, Pretty links, and Ultimate Affiliate Pro which are pretty good, check them out and see if any of them could fit your current needs.

Rachael Winamaz

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Affiliate Manager
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Amazon Affiliate WP Plugin -Winamaz Lite
Amazon WP Plugin Affiliate Program - Winamaz Lite
Hi Sofia,
Are you working with just Amazon or several Advertisers and Platforms?
Would be happy to share more information on how Winamaz works and the different versions to see if either fits your needs.