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Amazon Affiliate WP Plugin -Winamaz Lite

Amazon Affiliate WP Plugin -Winamaz Lite 2021-11-29

Product Name
Winamaz Lite
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Platform Name
Wordpress Plugin
From 35USD depending on number of sites
Payment Types Accepted
  1. Paypal
  2. CC

Monetize your site easily with Winamaz Lite !​

Winamaz Lite is a WordPress Plugin that facilitates the creation of affiliated links and allows an increase in your Amazon commissions. Easy to configure, it enables you to achieve the full potential of your webpage while placing affiliated links to monetize your site.

Why choose Winamaz Lite for your Amazon affiliated links?​

Affiliation is a significant source of income for website publishers. However, the current solutions offered do not address all publishers’ requirements. The Winamaz Lite team faced the same problems and decided to develop their own plugin that they perfected over time.
Today, it is a fully functional plugin that Winamaz Lite already uses regularly and is now available for your own websites.
out of stock

Easily track out-of-stock products :Monitor and receive by email each day the pages of your site that display out of stock products.

Coupon : Insert on your website (and even in your Winamaz box) a coupon or other promotional offer valid on Amazon. You can configure all the details related to each coupon.
swift migration from AAWP to Winamaz Lite

Swift migration from AAWP to Winamaz Lite : For AAWP plugin users, Winamaz offers a migration plugin making it easier for you to replace the shortcodes and migrate quickly to Lite

Easy to use... And completely customizable!​

No need to write code to use Winamaz Lite to benefit from its full potential. Its shortcodes are simple and powerful. Back office is straightforward, intuitive and easy to learn so that anyone can use Winamaz Lite to boost their Amazon affiliate profit. Developers will be able to customize templates thanks to WordPress Hooks.
Rachael Winamaz
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