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What Would You Do Online That Can Help You Earn Money to Pay Rent & Utility Bills Due in 48 Hours?

SEO Pimp

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I'm a disabled dad struggling daily for my kids. I'm used to struggling but this week is very defeating emotionally and mentally. I try so hard for my kids and i'm now confronted with the reality of losing my kids and being evicted. I am in need of a savior.
Hello @SEO Pimp , I have to say that you have not been active in the community. You have not been participating, asking questions of members, reporting your progress, etc.

In your introduction thread you said:
"I'm a content writer from Asia building a niche in work at home opportunities for dads with disabilities working at home full-time. I have no success story to share. I have a series of failures in monetizing web traffic etched on my face though. I am here needing inspiration."

I Replied With:
"Inspiration is abundant here and can be found in nearly every thread. Along with inspiration, ambition is needed and it appears as though you have started to spread your wings.

When you say you have no success to share, I suggest all of your experience in success and failure is shareable. Sharing your experience will help you get the members interested in looking at what you have done and what you have not done. Doing this will help you sort out what the next step towards enlightened growth."

From What I Can See:
You have not been asking questions.
You have not been active in the community. You've only made three posts since you joined two months ago.
You have not created any follow alongs for members to give you advice and recommendations.

Now you have a problem to solve in 48 hours and expect there is a magic bullet. This is not the behavior of someone serious about their respective business or of someone that takes charge of their relationships with those from which they expect to gain help.

My recommendation is that you get a job for a person with your nature of disabilities and save up enough money to start your online journey with a budget, a plan, and a concrete dedication to making it succeed.

We all wish you great success in overcoming your obstacles, but there is no 48 hour magic bullet here, or anywhere!

Good Luck @SEO Pimp , we all wish for you to overcome the struggle.

hey @SEO Pimp

I hope and pray that you are feeling well know. Can you please tell, which kind of a writer you are? into journalism? online / offline... See, I myself am working as a freelance writer on Upwork to earn enough investment for a (possibly) more profitable business like affiliate marketing.

Through this text, you can get an idea of my language skill. I come from a third world country which is known for nothing but unrest ( though I don't endorse that specific kind of prejudiced point of view). I am a part time writer with modest English skills. But somehow still managing to earn quite a steady stream of additional money. As a proof I am attaching a statement of my recent earnings.

So, I believe you can do the same thing too. In don`t think anyone is coming to grant you with the required money / expertise. Affiliate Marketing is an art and it comes with practice. You can seek for guidance here. Please Sir @tjtutor suggestion seriously, everyone here on this forum is open, kind and helpful, though what you are expecting is not practical.

No one else, but only you can change the course of your life. about the disability, I think everyone comes with certain disabilities and no one is perfect. The kind of work we are learning here doesn't involves any physical effort. So, stop crying for things which you don't have and move a head by consuming your present capabilities wisely

As i promised in the start of this post, I am going to share my upwork`s recent transition history. I apologize for the poor quality, but I think its still an enough proof for your satisfaction that there are some alternate methods which really works ... so cheer up dude and think about it