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Seeking Help What tools do you use for keyword ranking tracking?


New Member
Guys, do you track keyword rankings (your own sites or competition)?

  • What tool do you use to track them?
  • How many keywords do you track?
  • For what purpose?

I'd appreciate your input immensely

I'm a software developer, and I've recently started building a keyword tracking tool for affiliate marketers. I can track 50k+ keywords a day with my software at the moment. I want to see how best to adapt it to the needs of affiliate marketers before I scale it up. Feel free to DM me if you'd like to talk about it.
For tracking keyword rankings for my own sites I use Google Search Console. I use Ubersuggest when doing competitor analysis, but I don't track competitors. I track my rankings for multiple reasons, mostly to get ideas what works and what not and to see where people enter the site (and the keywords they used) to optimize those pages.