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what is the trend of creatives?


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Well, it seems like every vertical has different trends but I can share you successful cases that I had.

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The results of creatives can only be measured by the raw CTR and not the 'money page conversion' is that the problem?

  1. Poor affinity of the creative --different offers/products will have different CTR rates
  2. Low quality publishers
  3. Also, I see that after days, maybe a week --the same creative, on the same network, has a rapidly diminishing return
    Maybe; "Seen this before too many times impression"
Are you running the same creative on different ad networks hopefully with different publishers?


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You should ask yourselves: Why are my creatives such nothing-burgers that they are ignored.

Effective marketing uses:
  1. pain-points
  2. status
  3. shock value
In many advertising creatives.

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Jesus, I came here with the same request and I still can't come up with anything.

I provided the true answer, you and others just don't like it or understand it. The stand alone data from each creative is the only valid measure of a creative or creative style. There are no such thing as creative trends. They do not exist! I can show you creatives from five years ago and from today in the same niche and the only thing you will see different, maybe, is the quality of the images or media.
Creatives need to be tested each and every time they are deployed. What worked last year may not work today, but then again it may out perform what is popular and successful today.

Elmer Wheeler,; "Don't sell the steak -- sell the sizzle!" This is what creatives do, what they are built around, and how they produce!

Trends are social animals, technology popularities, political points, educational advancements, etc. Trends are not creatives, or creatives do not trend. A creative is an introduction to an angle that leads to hook and then a trigger that should hopefully result in a conversion. That is what works, not trying to find "trends" in creatives.

Get a good intelligence platform subscription and the trends that can be seen is the copy, the placements, the geos, and the landers that work.