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Seeking Help What is the best adult dating smartlink network 2024??

There are currently several popular affiliate networks that offer dating smartlinks, such as CrakRevenue, TopOffers, and Advidi. It's best to research each option, consider their features, payout models, and reviews, and choose the one that best suits your needs.
I apply your network.but not approved
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Hey, at Cpamatica we have our SmartLink.
Moreover, we have a special summer promo: For every $500 you run through our SMARTLINK this summer, you'll receive an additional $50 (a 10% bonus!) added to your payout.

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I apply your network..i send all information and work experience prove.but then don’t approve me account
You can try Adsterra. A lot of my internet marketing friends in Nigera are seeing good results with their smart link and they got good CPM from african countries. I asked a friend to give me tips so I could make some money from there too and here's the advice, though I haven't got the chance to implement yet because I run a full time blogging business.

Here's what he said;

Traffic Source --> Facebook Ads
Countries ---> Target like 3 African countries (Nigeria, South Africa, etc)

** FB Creative idea: Picture of a beautiful girl (not that erotic)
** Leave FAcebook text and description off/blank

Set events to landing page views

So the strategy is: Drive facebook traffic to landing page that has play now, watchin buttons, etc.
Hey hey!

AdsEmpire has its own Dating Smartlink technology for 50+ geos on the CPL model, and we are always happy to do a test with new partners.

We can pay in crypto as well. If you're interested, ping me in DM or via Telegram @ViktoriiaAE or Skype live:.cid.6051636583a41b6f.