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What is a good way to rank my videos on YouTube?

Discussion in 'Video Traffic' started by nzoe, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. nzoe

    nzoe Affiliate affiliate

    Hi there everyone.
    I'm really struggling to rank my videos on YouTube and I don't have a lot of money to hire SEO Expert.
    I was just reading Traffic Jeet and it does look good BUT I really want other peoples feedback.
    Have you tried it or do you think this tool is good to follow to rank on YouTube? Thanks!
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Indus Abstract

    Indus Abstract Affiliate affiliate

    You have to share your Youtube video link to social media form that you will get views. And one more thing is your Title, Description and Keyword is very important.
  4. Daceyank

    Daceyank Affiliate affiliate

    YouTube Marketing is easy and I can say lucrative, but it has iour videos shouldn't be ts own steps to be followed and tips for ranking your videos. First, identify a niche of your interest and post content that would rouse the interest of your target audience. Ensure you have a selling keyword, not too boring content and share on social media for more views.
  5. VREpub

    VREpub Affiliate affiliate

    Clickbait titles and clickbait thumbnails are what all the successful youtubers use to attract attention. More views = higher rank.
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  6. Certified

    MyLead Active Member Certified Vendor Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Clickbait, good keywords, small boost with HR views, good content might be fine for your youtube movie too (you can get them on smmpanels). There is a lot of small things to improve, do it and you'll rank.
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  7. Federico Marcelo

    Federico Marcelo Affiliate affiliate

    can you please give more details about it?
  8. Julia Ann

    Julia Ann Affiliate affiliate

    There is some interesting point for YouTube Video & you should watch this video to understand the points.
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  9. Federico Marcelo

    Federico Marcelo Affiliate affiliate

    unfortunately, I could not understand A SINGLE WORD this guy said!!!!! dumbala gumbala sumbala!!! Gosh, what is he saying? What did I do wrong in my life that I had to watch a second of this video!!!!!!!!
  10. Aveathlei

    Aveathlei Affiliate affiliate

    Title, descriptions and tags with keywords play role here. And same with the website when you point lot of relevant links to the video itself it ranks higher. Yes just like to the website and moreover it's easier to rank cause very few people actually do this!;)
  11. Koramisomi

    Koramisomi Affiliate affiliate

    Clickbait, boost your video, use trends to find which one to upload right now.
  12. olidev

    olidev Affiliate affiliate

    Only 2 things. Optimize your video's title, description and keywords with relevant keywords. Do a keyword research for that using tools or by looking at other videos you are competing with. Secondly, share your video with friends and on social networks to get some views and likes.
  13. Lomash Kumar

    Lomash Kumar Affiliate affiliate

    Optimize your videos like title, description, and keywords. use tool like VidIQ or TubeBuddy that helps you to keyword research and shows some useful status. and use social media for your video.
  14. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    anyone try buying ad traffic **added(outside of the Youtube domain) with their YouTube video as the target URL?
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  15. Dario

    Dario Affiliate affiliate

    I would suggest you to target longtail keywords for your specific niche, test different keywords, different title/description/tags combo, check what is your competition is doing.

    I am using some tools which automate this whole process, Video Marketing Blaster to check how difficult it is to rank for my keyword, what I need to rank and how I can potentially outrank my competitors. Also I do all the keyword research, title/description/tags generation all with VMB. I just modify it little and thats it.

    There is no right answer to your question but definitely it will be easier to rank If you use the right tools for things mentioned above and target longtail keywords. With a lot of uploaded videos you do not even have to rank If you want to get some traffic from YT, your videos will eventually show up in related/suggested videos section when someone is watching a video similar to yours. :)
  16. Paiva

    Paiva Affiliate affiliate

    Usually you really need to get it going just like you would promote the website anyway for everything you really really did. Get some links to the video and do some on site SEO for it like it's title and descriptions and so on. Not that much really.
  17. dbundus

    dbundus Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah, I read most comments here, and I saw the usual stuff everyone was saying. Even when you search the same topic on youtube, you going to find everyone saying the same thing. But im going to say something different. It don't work. Youtube growth is a gradual process, but you can grow faster. However, the basic things which all is saying and I am writing below. Everyone already does it.

    The descriptions, titles, keyword optimizations, attention grabber thumbnail, clickbait titles are just basics. And please don't use clickbait titles, if your viewers discover that, you lose em, cos they know u are liar. Unless you still have great content stronger than your clickbait title then your lie can be overlooked. Also some people include putting the current year at the end of your videos, saying that youtube favors that.

    I've also tried a strategy of copying the tags of top most viewed similar videos to mine, and pasting the tags in my video. They say my videos will show up next to theirs, when searched. It don't work.

    Subscriptions, likes, views and comments, length of time watched are what makes your videos rank better.

    If you make good content that people like, you will get all these gradually but if you want to speed it up, you going to need someone already up to pull up from the ground. He's up and you are on the ground. Try to get up by yourself is possible but harder. He gives you a hand and pulls you up, it's faster and easier.

    Get the million views channel or at least the 100, 000 views channel, to feature your video and recommend it to their audience, and you're gonna get many views quickly. Ensure your video is great already. You put in your best, or at least it is what the audience would want. You are not limited to who you can contact for help. If it involves fee, then see if you can do that.

    Grab Tubebuddy . It will make everything very easy for you.

  18. marketingbro

    marketingbro Affiliate affiliate

    Long-form description targeting keywords.

    Drip fed HR views, likes, comments, and subscriptions.


    Overtime you will rank.
  19. clairedivas

    clairedivas Affiliate affiliate

    YouTube is powerful platform when utilizing properly. Video marketing is still in infancy and will continue to become more important as we progress.

    1: Video Length
    2: Video Name
    3: Video Description
    4: Create a Playlist
    5: Custom Thumbnails
    6: Optimize Your Channel Page
    7: Push to Social Platforms
    8: Build Links and Embed