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What are the Benefits of affiliate marketing?



Main benefit of affiliate marketing are
Partnerships and collaboration
Affiliates’ site content is relevant
More effective use of advertising budget
Easy tracking


The affiliate programs for websites have undoubtedly been one of the best internet marketing tools. However, like any marketing strategy it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us look at its pros and cons from both the perspective of the retailer and the publisher.


Low costs: Affiliate online advertising is one of the lowest ad spend models. The retailer in this case only pays for performing ads, avoiding any ad spend on dud ads. You can also ask your affiliate marketing services to design a low cost model. For the publisher it is means of earning money with very little or no extra spend. Chances are they already have the infrastructure and equipment in place with a running website.

Less hassle: It also reduces hassle for both the retailer and the publisher. The retailer gets access to the publisher’s traffic with one digital advertisement. The publisher, on the other hand, gets revenue without doing anything. Just by keeping their pages up and running, they increase the chances of a click through and a hefty pay check at the end.

Control: For the retailer it offers a control over their ad profile. Affiliate programs for websites allow them to choose their marketing space. They can go for online advertising in high user-interest blogs or big news pages with a much wider demographic. For some publishers, it also means a control over their revenue stream. They can pick the banner, links and ads to run. They can also rotate them according to user data.
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