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VPN and Proxy Server Installs?



I want to know here that while promoting campaigns we have also saw that the installs for product is from VPN and Proxy Server and some also says that those are not genuine installs or the installs are forcefully done.

I want to know here what exactly is VPN and Proxy Server Installs, by which way these kind of installs can happen and why it is counted as fraud, please let me know exact answer for VPN and Proxy Server Installs.

A VPN is a tool that keeps your entire machine anonymous.
A VPN doesn't keep you anonymous. It joins your computer to another network. Your outbound connection is still that networks external IP, & that VPN server will log connections & traffic history. A requested website will see that you are coming from that VPN.

For example, you could have a home VPN, but this still uses your home network's external IP. This would be great if you didn't want local, unencrypted traffic to be sniffable at a coffee shop. Your traffic would be transferred over a tunnel to your home network, where it would use your ISP. Another example would be a work VPN. You may white-list your work IP to be allowed to connect to production servers. In the event of emergency work, or a scheduled maintenance release, you could connect from outside of your work office, via the VPN, then over the white-listed IP to make the connection.

While VPN's can be used to be anonymous, that traffic is still logged. If you do something worth enough attention, a warrant can be issued, & the logs of the VPN can be searched.
and why it is counted as fraud.
If an affiliate is paying per traffic, & one uses proxies, or VPNs to mask their external interface, then one is defrauding the affiliate. Because the traffic is not unique, nor potential audience or clients, then the affiliate is paying for bunk leads.
And you can be sure that your personal data is protected.
Advertisers have abused peoples' privacy so long, and so badly, that they have created a backlash.

Don't square off with a PCI-DSS financial transaction server -- you will (or should) be denied service when you want to use a credit card. VPN and Proxy IPs are most of the fraud on the internet. The sword cuts both ways (as they say).
What is the difference between proxy and vpn?
Proxies are used for specific tasks like accessing geo-blocked content, improving website loading speed, and web scraping. VPNs are encrypted,more versatile and suitable for general online privacy, security, and remote access to internal networks.