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traffic for mobile app

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by ipadian, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. ipadian

    ipadian Affiliate affiliate


    I just developp my mobile app

    1- How can i generate traffic to it ?

    2- How can i earn via it ?

    Thank you
  2. terraleads
  3. ipadian

    ipadian Affiliate affiliate

    Any suggestions ? :/
  4. internalsoul

    internalsoul Moderator moderator affiliate

    Monetize it with admob. Add it to google play and itunes. For instant traffic push some paid traffic and you can see the money rolling in.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2015
  5. Jim Moriarty

    Jim Moriarty Affiliate affiliate

    As @internalsoul says you can publish your app to those networks and earn money. My suggestion is to share your apps to your friend and acquaintance and ask them to write the review about your apps. By this way, you would able to index in the search result of any app store.
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  6. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Ipadian. Congrats for the effort you have put in place. Traffic from the app means that a lot of people are downloading and using the application. To be able to effect this, make sure that you have marketed the application mostly on the social media platform and other free marketing apps. Take an example where you have an app that relates to peoples life in social media, people will be interested in it. You can earn on the app through two ways, one is to put a fee on the app. The second option is to have the application available for free and put ads on it. Google ads are the best when it comes to adsense.
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  7. admoda

    admoda Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Try signing up for Admoda. We monetise lots of mobile apps and mobile websites with ads.
  8. Dispply

    Dispply Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    As said before, try to add SDK of any ad-platform you wish: StartApp, Admob etc
    We have native API as well.
  9. Eugine Dychko

    Eugine Dychko Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate


    There are several ways you can promote your app and generate traffic from it, and you should choose depending on your app`s type, category and your budget.

    App marketing:
    1) App store optimization - this refers to all actions that make you app visible to users, who browse app stores. This implies creating app icon, screenshots, descriptions, using relevant keywords.
    2) PR - you can either hire an agency, or do it yourself. Create website about your app, and video if possible. Ask you freinds to share it social media. Reach to bloggers and ask to write about your app. make sure your first users will leave positive reviews in app store.
    3) Paid user acquisition. You need money to buy traffic. Then you can choose the network or agency to buy from . I suggest GoWide network - they provide traffic from trusted sources on CPI basis.

    App Monetization:
    1) Place an ads inside your app. Use some networks` SDK, like iAD or Admob.
    2) Implement in-app purchases: make some part of app`s features paid, or sell some additional services.
    3) Subscription: let users use your app for free for some time, then offer a paid version.

    Good Luck!
  10. hvbeladiya

    hvbeladiya Affiliate Affiliate Manager affiliate

    There are lots of ways of promotion.

    1- How can i generate traffic to it ?
    - To get more users to your app. We suggest to promote your app through some CPA networks. We can help you to get more users to your app.

    2- How can i earn via it ?
    - There are many networks available who are proving advertising SDK. By integrate it you can earn from advertising. We also having Android SDKs if you would like to join just PM me.
  11. ASOtop1

    ASOtop1 Banned affiliate

    Boost your app in public as much as possible. I made a list of free and paid methods. Hope these will be helpful.

    Free ones

    Exchange installs & reviews

    There are many groups on networks where publishers can exchange installs and reviews each other. However, generating installs or reviews from users will take much longer time.

    Social media networks

    Having a Facebook Page for your app is a must-have where you can ask them how they like your app designs and features and any get feedbacks. Also, you can share any news about your app, etc. However, remember not to make your posts only about your app, though. That is boring. It’s like talking to someone at a party who only talks about themselves.

    Cross promotion

    Once you published your app in Store, you can market it with cross promotion with other apps by installs and reviews exchange. It is free while it is still hard to find that publishers like you. You may try some Cross-promotion networks (CPN), Facebook group or exchange forums.

    Make a video

    Videos shows great ability even just 30 seconds, it has power to show users why the App is worth a try. Make up a story of your app? Show the real life? Yeah, both OK.

    Offline promotion

    Make connect with your friends and families. You may ask them to help you spread your app in their relationship circle. Also, participate in meetings or conferences that are relevant to your App, and make full use of it to build partnerships.

    Paid ones

    Buy app rating & reviews

    One app can get reviews, it must get installs firstly. Reviews provider like BestReviewApp will guide real users to install app, play and reviews it with ratings. This method will rank app top in a short period. At the same time, the traffic is from real users which is organic. It will Not have bad impact on apps.

    Paid advertisements

    Run advertisements on some Android forums, Google ads or social media, it is one common method for publishers to promote app. But you know, there are many people browsing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There are less targeted audience for your app.

    Generate installs

    Higher ranking is extremely helpful for app visibility. App can get installs from users directly via download link. Or drive install via keyword search. The former method is straight forward install amounts singly. While latter one aims at helping app ranking in App Store search results. Keyword optimization also will guide real users to install the app via targeted keywords relevant to your app.

    You can monetize your app via ad networks.
  12. ogads

    ogads Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Instagram is good to get mobile traffic for apps.
  13. Ivana Adnium

    Ivana Adnium Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate


    Love this advice <3 one of the most thorough discussions on here :) Even I learned something!

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