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Top Affiliate Offers & How to Choose Them in 2021

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by zeropark, Feb 2, 2021.

  1. zeropark

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    Hey guys,

    To scale your affiliate marketing business, you need to have the best offers.

    You need to know how to choose wisely, and what offers have the most potential.

    If you want to find out our recommendations on the best affiliate offers and networks to sign up for in 2021, read on and enjoy!

    ☑️ What to look for in affiliate offers?
    Affiliate networks tend to have sizable inventories. Beginners choosing offers without any guidance tend to make simple preventable mistakes. Even affiliate marketers with some industry experience can’t be sure of their choices sometimes. Going for a fresh offer can either make you a pioneer and give you a well-converting campaign or it can drain your budget without attracting a single customer.

    Affiliate networks are hubs for offers. The best converting affiliate offers can sometimes be found on the top performers or recommended lists. But sometimes, you can only find that gem of an offer through thorough research and testing.

    Overall, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when going offer hunting. Regardless of the affiliate platform, you choose to approach, the product selection should be carefully examined. Here are four key criteria to consider:

    1️⃣ Stability
    You want the offer you pick to be reliable. If you want to make money from digital marketing you’ll have to get used to spikes in traffic, changes in offers, Google algorithm updates, Chrome updates, market changes, and all the other things that are difficult to anticipate.

    If you look hard enough, though, you can find plenty of stable offers that are bound to earn you a decent commission over a longer period of time. Usually, picking a well-known affiliate program or a reputable affiliate network will ensure a certain level of stability.

    2️⃣ Longevity
    However, offers tend to have very different characteristics. Some products and services cater to very niche audiences. Some offers convert best when run on social media platforms. It’s possible to make money fast with a specific and unique offer but this is not a long-term strategy.

    If you’re hoping to generate a steady stream of income, without worrying about frequently switching offers, you should look into data (preferably from spy tools). To find out what are the best services, websites, digital products, or physical products to promote, you will have to research the market.

    3️⃣ Compatibility
    Unless you’re a complete beginner in the world of affiliate marketing, you should have some tested ad networks. Maybe you’re already one step further – you have a set of self-made whitelists with the best placements that yield a high conversion rate for nearly every sweepstake offer you tested.

    One of the best ways to get paid consistently is building on what you’ve got. If you’re committed to testing a large number of offers, you can, or even should, focus on a certain niche and gather as much data pertaining to that niche as possible.

    When you’re familiar with the behavior of a certain type of offer, looking for offers that have a similar flow is your best option.

    4️⃣ Traffic Requirements
    Traffic requirements and restrictions are the first things that should be considered when applying for an affiliate marketing offer. You can either do a thorough check and go with an offer that can be run with your preferred traffic methods, or you can challenge yourself to try something new.

    Always make sure you check that the conditions of the offer accept your traffic methods before driving traffic to a product or service. Affiliate marketing programs or networks, frequently have offers that only accept for example mobile traffic. GEO targeting and a method of promotion are also things that can be restricted.

    It’s always better to check than to score conversions that you won’t get paid for.


    ☑️ Everything you need to know about payout/commission rate
    Payout is the first thing beginner affiliate marketers look at when picking an offer. But unless they have sizable learning budgets, going for a high-payout offer might quickly discourage them from pursuing a career in affiliate marketing.

    It’s true that the higher the commissions, the higher the earning potential. But in order to make money, you need to invest money. And in reality, affiliates who earn from high payout offers have revenue in thousands of dollars.

    ☞ Variable commissions
    Affiliate marketing programs base their commission on the value of the sale or action performed by the customer. The payout for a conversion can be a set number but it can also vary based on what counted as a conversion. E-commerce business owners can set different commissions depending on the product.

    So, if you as an affiliate marketer drive traffic to their website, and the user you brought converts, you will receive a commission based on the value of the sale.

    Additionally, SmartLink offers will often have varied commissions due to their nature. In a SmartLink affiliate program, you receive one offer link that automatically directs someone who interacts with your ads to whichever offer the algorithm chooses. If your ad leads to a conversion in any of the rotating affiliate links, you’ll receive an affiliate commission that was attributed to that specific offer.

    ☞ Fixed commissions
    Most offers, however, have a steady commission rate. If you’re participating in an affiliate program that offers only one specific product/service, your commission rates will always be the same.

    This is a model most recommended to beginners. Although affiliate networks are free to join and easy to use, the aspect of choosing offers can seem confusing at first. Opting for a fixed payout offer reduces the number of variables in your campaigns.

    There will be a lot of different elements to watch out for when starting affiliate marketing and a fixed commission structure will make calculations easier.

    ☞ Revenue share
    Lastly, there’s the model of revenue share which offers affiliates a steady income based on a percentage of product sales they brought to the company. So, if an affiliate promotes a subscription to a meal plan, a course platform, or an online gambling website, and their ad leads to a person joining the subscription or a website, they will continue to receive a commission for as long the new user keeps engaging with the product.

    It’s possible to choose either model for some offers. If you started with a fixed payout and your ad brings you a lot of conversions, you can ask your network representative to switch to a revenue share model.


    ☑️ What are the best newbie-friendly affiliate offers?
    If you’re a blogger, going with the Amazon Associates Program is a good choice. But if you’re a media buyer only getting their feet wet in the world of affiliate marketing, you need to get started the correct way.

    Choosing a simple affiliate program, with low commission rates and an easy flow. We know that the best affiliate programs have high payouts per sale and as a beginner, you want to dream big. But that’s not the best way to learn even if you do have a big learning budget.

    High commission offers are tempting because of the big numbers. But they’re usually selling digital products (or physical products) that are not so easily affordable. If you’re planning to make money online with digital marketing you need to find the right audience. And the right audience or the right placements are usually more expensive.

    Additionally, some affiliate products or services are predetermined to be only suitable for certain markets. If these affiliate products are expensive, they will likely only be meant to be advertised in Tier 1 GEOs. That can either be a restriction set by the affiliate network or affiliate program the offer belongs to, or it can be something you can find out the hard way. So, do your research before you let your offer run.

    ☑️ How to find a good affiliate program?
    Best affiliate programs might not be that easy to find but they are definitely worth the time and effort spent on testing.

    If you don’t mind investing in affiliate marketing right from the start, the best option is to find a variety of digital products to advertise. Some products and services might turn out to be hits and you’ll be able to run them for a very long time while reaping continuous profits.

    Certain affiliate programs are restricted to social media traffic. In that case, you need to consider whether you’re ready to venture into that area or not quite yet. Although social media traffic can be very profitable it’s also difficult to operate due to strict policies, high ad costs, and generally greater complexity.

    A small business that provides affiliate links (to promote their products or services) work really well for influencers, website owners, and other small businesses willing to do cross-promotions. But the best affiliate marketing programs usually include different kinds of digital products.

    Hence, in order to find a good affiliate marketing program, you need to take into consideration a couple of factors:
    • A good affiliate marketing program needs to appeal to a broad audience;
    • The product or service you advertise needs to have a good reputation;
    • The website or landing page of the offer needs to be of high quality.
    In short, look for popular and trusted programs with an affiliate product that you, yourself, would buy. And make sure your favorite ad network is among the acceptable sources of traffic.

    ☑️ Affiliate offers highlights
    Beginner or not, if you’re here for recommendations on which affiliate marketing network to sign up to and where to look for the most promising affiliate opportunities, we’ve got you covered. We decided to ask a reputable network with excellent customer support and hundreds of satisfied affiliates what are their predictions for 2021.

    ❗️ Predictions and best offer recommendations for 2021 by MyLead


    If you ask for any predictions for 2021, we do not doubt that e-commerce will reign throughout the next months. The main reason is probably the raging pandemic that has definitely changed the way we live. We are able to do almost every action via Internet access, and shopping is no exception in this case. Specialists are sure that even those who have not bought anything online so far have changed their approach in recent months. Actually, the forecasts have already shown that the number of digital buyers worldwide will achieve 2.14 billion in 2021 which is around 100 million growth compared to the previous year. And to be honest, we think these numbers will be even higher. That is the main reason why you should try promoting such campaigns this year.

    We can recommend some of the best offers for the upcoming months. Especially the ones that are quite new and high profitable. Have you ever heard of our Smartlinks? Smartlink contains various offers and allows you to redirect traffic to the correct offer based on targeting so that you can utilize it without wasting it. MyLead has over a dozen of smartlinks to choose from offering up to $504.82 for a completed action. Nice, right? Here are some of the best ones:
    And top of the tops - VOD.Plus. It is a search engine with an extensive amount of movies and series in dozens of different VOD services, that from now on works globally. Which means you can earn all over the world legally promoting series and movies. We all need a nice rest after this crazy year, don’t we?


    Model: CPA | Rate: $1.73 - 7.44 | Conversion type: Account set up and activation & Credit Card submission | Countries: GLOBAL | Preview: here


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