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top 50 article directory list

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by chingkkay, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. chingkkay

    chingkkay Affiliate affiliate

    Found this in a site ,hope this list has not been published here yet.

    1. ezinearticles.com
    2. ArticlesBase.com
    3. buzzle.com
    4. pubs.acs.org/hotartcl
    5. searchwarp.com
    6. goarticles.com
    7. articlealley.com
    8. articledashboard.com
    9. ideamarketers.com
    10. articlesnatch.com
    11. webpronews.com
    12. isnare.com
    13. upublish.info
    14. amazines.com
    15. articlegarden.com
    16. articlesfactory.com
    17. article-buzz.com
    18. 365articles.com
    19. articlecodex.com
    20. article99.com
    21. web-source.net
    22. articlemaniac.com
    23. free-articles-zone.com
    24. articlerich.com
    25. articlepool.com
    26. acmearticles.com
    27. articlebliss.com
    28. thecontentcorner.com
    29. articleblotter.com
    30. rightarticle.com
    31. a1articles.com
    32. articlecity.com
    33. dime-co.com
    34. excellentguide.com/article/
    35. articleworld.net
    36. affsphere.com
    37. submityourarticle.com
    38. site-reference.com
    39. articleset.com
    40. ultimatearticledirectory.com
    41. therealarticles.com
    42. articlecube.com
    43. internethomebusinessarticles.com
    44. articlewheel.com
    45. linksnoop.com
    46. valuablecontent.com
    47. articletogo.com
    48. magportal.com
    49. articlewisdom.com
    50. ezine-writer.com.au
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  2. Voluum
  3. pageupseo

    pageupseo Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for this great list.
  4. realistic

    realistic Affiliate affiliate


    Read your suggestion.

    Thank You Very Much for sharing this helpful article site list.
  5. George1985

    George1985 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks alot for the article sites. This could really be helpfull to many members here. Well done. Just got a couple of questions does anyone know how long a article has to be and what recommendations would you make for submissions in terms of length and quality?

  6. highlander

    highlander Guest

    Articles are used to link drop and nothing more. People visit these article banks to add articles and not to read them.

    It's one of the biggest wastes of time there is. Searchers won't use a search engine to find some article, then read it and then contact the article owner afterwards, becos it's too much effort when they can find what they need from a search engine to begin with.

    Don't tell me, they use articles for backlinks right - fine, all this means is a large collection of links plus the wasted time writing articles just so a link can be added. Seems a lot of hassle to me, when I can just buy some cheap links somewhere.

    Work smarter, not harder!
  7. adfwopportunity

    adfwopportunity Affiliate affiliate

  8. Robdale

    Robdale Affiliate affiliate

    If you're getting free links by writing and submitting to article directories, why would anyone buy the links?
  9. highlander

    highlander Guest

    1. To get a faster link

    2. Save time on writing crap articles

    3. Impossible to target effectively using article banks
  10. CoolDude55

    CoolDude55 Affiliate affiliate

    Nice list, thanks for this one.
  11. JohnTheMan

    JohnTheMan Affiliate affiliate

    thanks for the links but I am not are all of them do follows? These days some article directories have "nofollow" in their tags which rather pointless in terms of SEO.
  12. highlander

    highlander Guest

    Ofcourse they will, as do other directories and now everything will go paid, so no choice but to pay for links. Google can devalue these sites all it wants, it won't make the sites go unpaid, many have a right to charge for services, it's not a crime you know. If you want a link, then nothing wrong in paying for it - it's not your webspace.

    Ofcourse some sites will go bust bcos they cant afford to survive without free services, but again that's not a bad thing. I wonder what would happen if Google totally pulled pagerank forever.................
  13. Robdale

    Robdale Affiliate affiliate

    Not everybody can afford the paid links. In such case submitting to directories would be better.
  14. highlander

    highlander Guest

    There are links going from £10 to £30 per year, so if you are seriously telling me that's unaffordable then people have no business running a business at all if they don't know what's involved.

    The only 'directories' that are free will not be any good, will not get any nor deliver traffic and will not be found easily bcos of the outrageous dropped domains used.

    Side stepping advertising charges will result in 2 things:

    1. Don't pay, you don't get the good traffic levels

    2. Free won't deliver results - big downside

    There is always a massive downside to anything free - and that's it won't be decent or produce great results. They would charge otherwise wouldn't they. This freebie stuff only works so far then it grinds to a halt. People actually click on paid adverts, or why do so many keep renewing adwords? paid advertising works very well, some is better than others but that's a learning experience you won't find on forums, but you will need it and cannot do everything on the cheap or free, it's just not possible.

    Take the free SERPS, you really think it's totally free - well you're so wrong. Let me tell you that so many companies pay fortunes of cash in SEO so they remain at the top positions for those top keywords, and even those companies still pay advertising as an extra boost to make sales, it's a multi-million pound industry and businesses pay at least millions a year. But they know it's worth it or they wouldn't be doing it. Now I'm not suggesting anyone blows 50k on adverts, ofcourse not, but at least use an adwords type service becos the free serps won't do the job anymore. Even if it's £40 a month using adwords, the difference is amazing, you can target your ads, get you're name out there a bit and perhaps make a few extra sales per month/year. It's better than not getting a few extra sales, so yes there's a risk, sure - but got to make some sacrifice or you'll just stand still like most are.

    Do you or anyone still want to be coming to forums for the next 5 years or get out there and get the knowledge/results so you can rise above the standard loser on the web. You're choice.

    You have to get out there and find the customers, they won't just come to you bcos you have a website......
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2009
  15. Robdale

    Robdale Affiliate affiliate

    Do you think that every site that are getting traffic pays for it? I know a site that don't pays for traffic and still getting huge traffic.
  16. highlander

    highlander Guest

    Sure, lots of sites get free traffic - mine too. But let's face it I bet most of the traffic is webmaster, useless and very untargeted, so low conversions. Much of the traffic that arrives at a website has a specific goal in mind:

    1. either just checking out a site

    2. looking for information (mostly specific)

    3. freebie hunting

    1 & 2 are most likely and real searchers know where to go for mass information, so smaller sites will always struggle. Once people find a good site eg: a search engine, they should remember it, bookmark it, tell others about it etc. If it's bad, on arrival theyll soon click away, but since webmasters are want the freebie, they won't buy much anyway, so you're question is a bit strange. I'm talking specifically about webmaster sites and how people react to them, and it's mostly for free stuff. Just the free stuff aint worth anything, as the traffic won't be there, unless every directory has 100k of links which they won't have.

    So yeah, they need to advertise to be found. It's the difference between something that is well known and something that's unheard of, they need to be built up from scratch and that's harder than the link hunters make out. Takes much more than free serps and a few links.

    I'd like to check out this site, which site is it that gets loads of free traffic?
  17. Robdale

    Robdale Affiliate affiliate

    How much traffic does your site gets in a day?
  18. highlander

    highlander Guest

    From my stats, the homepage alone gets 1,051,771 searches so that's 2281 a day, 68,430 a month roughly (homepage traffic) and our promotion hasn't really begun yet. Hoping to quadruple that amount this year.

    So yeah I know something about getting the traffic

  19. Arleigh

    Arleigh Affiliate affiliate

    I don't think "nofollow links" don't contribute good things to your site. I think they are still helpful for providing good traffic for your site as long as they are relevant to your site's niche.... Just observe first the article directory. If it's nofollow but still it is often visited by most readers, I think it's worth the effort submitting your article because this will help you in terms of adding traffic to your site.
  20. Jenny2

    Jenny2 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks Chingkkay. Thanks for sharing nice article list.
  21. jennifersmith006

    jennifersmith006 Affiliate affiliate

    hey nice list thanks for sharing dude....