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Top 18 Tracking Software for Affiliates

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by Addiliate.com, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Addiliate.com

    Addiliate.com Affiliate affiliate

    Cake is a cloud based management tool to track your affiliate marketing campaigns. You can analyze results, manage your contacts and have an overview of the performance of your placements. It is one of the most complete tools available offering among others the features below:

    • White-labeled
    • 24/7 support
    • Real-time metrics
    • Multiple payout formats
    • Campaigns targeted by location or device
    • Pixel and post back management
    • Fraud protection
    • Individual portals for clients or affiliates
    • Referral rewards
    The pricing varies depending on the “usage”, and they offer 4 different categories: Startup, Select, Pro and Enterprise.

    HasOffers is one of the industry leaders thanks to the reliability and upscalability of their white-labeled system. It offers very useful features such as currency conversion, dedicated solutions option, mailroom, fraud prevention, unlimited amount of affiliates and two-way API.

    They offer a 30 days trial to test their system, and if you are happy afterwards and want to get started you can choose between 3 option:

    • Professional (279 US$/month)
    • Enterprise (799 US$/month)
    • Elite (you have to request for a quote)

    Voluum is one of the newest affiliate tracking platforms in the industry. They promote themselves in their website as the most technologically advanced tracking software in the universe. Among the features they offer we can find:

    • Real time reporting
    • Web & mobile tracking
    • Infinite traffic supply
    • Mobile app tracking
    • Integrated DSP (in beta)
    They offer 4 different pricing options:

    • Pro (99 US$/month)
    • Agency (399 US$/month)
    • Enterprise (999 US$/month)
    • Custom (contact them)

    Prosper 202
    Prosper 202 is an affiliate tracking platform you have to host in your server and is offered for free (you can download it from their website). It sounds attractive if you are technically skilled and have no cash, but think that a mistake in the installation can cost you a lot of money!

    Link trust is one of the most accurate tools in the industry, and allows to track any kind of advertising campaign. Whether if it’s online or offline you can track leads, sales, calls, mobile traffic, etc.. It has a long list of features, main ones listed below:

    • White labeled
    • Flexible Tracking Options
    • Custom, Vanity & Short Links
    • Flexible Tracking Options
    • Complete API
    They offer a 30 days trial, and 3 different pricing options:

    • Advertiser (600 US$ setup, 575 US$ / month)
    • Network (2000 US$ setup, 1755 US$ / month)
    • Lead gen Setup (500 US$ setup, 1250 US$ / month)

    OmniStar is an easy understandable and robust tracking software and extremely easy to setup, and according to them they have been voted the 1st Affiliate Software. As they say in the website, they integrate with everything:

    • Amazon
    • Mailchimp
    • PayPal
    • Shopify
    They offer 3 different pricing options:

    • Basic (47,95 US$ / month)
    • Professional (97,95 US$ / month)
    • Premium (147,95 US$ / month)

    Affiliate WP
    Affiliate WP can be a good option if your website or blog is based on WordPress. You can install it as a normal plugin, and manage all of it’s features from the dashboard. This plugin can also integrate with the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugins. You will have real time reporting and management of your affiliates. They offer 4 different pricing model, after a 30 days trial:

    • Ultimate (449 US$)
    • Professional (199 US$)
    • Plus (99 US$)
    • Personal (49 US$)

    Hit Path
    Hit Path offers a long list of features, and has one the user-friendliest interfaces in the industry. It can be customized depending on your needs, it’s reliable and scalable. Among the long list of features, we specially like the 24/7 costumer support, Crosspub campaign accelerator, mobile features and the click 2 call.

    There is no pricing specified in their website, but you can register for a free demo!

    1. ImpactRadius
    Impact Radius was launched by the creators of Commission Junction, and offers a wide range of features. Regarding the pricing, they don’t specify anything in their website, so if you are interested in getting started you will have to get in touch with them to get a quote. Here below you can find a list with the main ones:

    • Precise Media Tracking
    • Electronic Insertion Order
    • Integrated Call Tracking
    • Automated Payments
    • Ad hosting and Serving

    iDevAfiliate offers a wide range of original options such as using QR codes, custom made payment structures, brochures and videos, etc.. They offer 4 different pricing models, we listed them below:

    • Standard (149,99 US$)
    • Gold (249,99 US$)
    • Platinum (349,99 US$)
    • Black (399,99 US$)

    LeadDyno is an easy affiliate tracking software, that will generate as soon as you create you account your custom page, with an affiliate sign up. They offer many features, but after visiting their website we highlight the ones below:

    • Fast affiliate signup
    • “One-Click” social sharing
    • Easy integrations
    • Automatic PayPal payment to affiliates
    • Customizable website
    They offer 3 different pricing options:

    • Starter (49 US$ / month)
    • Biz Builder (59 US$ / month)
    • Accelerator (79 US$ / month)

    Clic Inc
    Click Inc offers an intuitive user interface that may be ideal for users that are not technical oriented. They took attention to the SEO when developing their system, and a good prove of this is the TruLink feature, which uses the real URL instead of coded links. Click Inc offers other interesting features, such as:

    • Coupon creation
    • Fraud detection
    • Tier commission settings
    They offer a free 30 days trial, and 3 different pricing options, from 25 US$ to 149 US$ per month.

    Past Affiliate Pro
    Past Affiliate Pro is a powerful platform offering plenty of customizable features and the option of hosting it yourself. They also care about the SEO using 301 redirects instead of 302 and offer up to 5 kind of affiliate link styles. They have a free demo in their website, so you can test their software before purchasing it.

    They offer 4 different pricing options:

    • Basic (29 US$/month)
    • Professional (49 US$/month)
    • Ultimate (99 US$/month)
    • Download license from 199 US$

    JROX is one of the cheapest options in the industry, and offers great features that make it powerful tracking software. There is a free version available, but limited to 50 affiliates, so you’ll have to go for a paid version if you manage more than 50 affiliates.

    Regarding the pricing, they offer 3 pricing options:

    • Monthly leased license (17 US$/month)
    • Owned license (179 US$/one payment)
    • Cloud hosted affiliate program (27 US$/month)

    Affiliate Shop
    Affiliate Shop has a long list of features that are offered in all the plans available, but only the higher plans offer the listing/promotion of your program in other directories. There are 3 pricing options available:

    • Standard (45 US$/month + 25 US$ setup fee)
    • Network (49,95 US$/month + 25 US$ setup fee)
    • Maximum Exposure (120,00 US$/month + 25 US$ setup fee)

    Affiliate Royale
    Affiliate Royale is a plugin for wordpress that can be directly installed in your wordpress based website or blog. Since it will be hosted in your websites server, you need to make sure you have enough capacity or you may experience issues with your affiliates.

    They offer 2 pricing options:

    • Merchant Edition (85 US$)
    • Developer Edition (165 US$)

    All Affiliate Pro
    All Affiliate Pro is a strong affiliate tracking platform but offers a limited technical support. All the pricing options are based on self-hosting, and there’s an option to host it in their server, but they will invoice you from 0,02 cents to 0,05 cents per click.

    • Budget (345£)
    • Basic (495£)
    • Intermediate (695£)
    • Advanced (995£)

    Direct Track
    Direct Track has a solid expertise in affiliate software development and they power some of the largest in-house affiliate programs. They don’t provide any information in their website, so you’ll have to schedule an appointment with one of their sales representatives to find out more.

    After signing up to one of this platform you can start setting up your affiliate programs. In order to have access to hundreds of them, we recommend you to sign up to an Affiliate platform like Addiliate.com. You can get started by clicking here!
  2. Voluum
  3. dhruvil

    dhruvil Affiliate affiliate

    Awesome List
  4. Phirelli

    Phirelli Affiliate affiliate

    No IMobiTRax and AdsBridge really?))
  5. No AdsBridge, eh?;)

    AdsBridge is a cloud-based tracking software which offers great support, and very affordable pricing. Adsbridge is one of the only tracking softwares that includes a built-in landing page creator. We also offer auto-optimization, which saves users' time.

    Here's our pricing:
    30 day trial: free
    Starter: $29/month ($25/month if paid annualy)
    Professional: $89/month ($75/month if paid annualy)
    Business: $359/month ($305/month if paid annualy)
    Enterprise: $699/month ($595/month if paid annualy)

    -Zach :)
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  7. Offerit-John

    Offerit-John Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    May I ask how this "Top 18" list came to conclusion? I see various types of products here which really doesn't give a consumer or business the proper information when looking for a solution. Some here are agencies, some are simple scripts, and some are more advanced platforms that allow you to create a complete network and manage your full digital marketing channel. Sure most offer affiliate tracking in some capacity, but each provides a very different product and pricing point for the functionality offered. There should be some differentiation about how a platform performs and the functionality.

    Offerit, our performance marketing software, is more aligned to a CAKE or HasOffers product in that you can track any digital or mobile campaigns in real-time with advanced reporting, API integration, and full network capabilities. Manage your media buys and affiliate network in one solution while having the ability to optimize each for the best ROI.
  8. OliveDrab

    OliveDrab Affiliate affiliate

    Very helpful and informative. Thank you!