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    Create Smartlink campaign in HasOffers

    Hello, Can anyone helped me or guide me how can i setup smartlinks campaigns in HasOffers system. I've asked to his supports system but i;m not getting proper what they are getting and replying so it would be great if someone explain and give me proper way. Thanks.
  2. Akos

    What are the main pain-points of HasOffers and similar platforms?

    What annoys you the most? A missing feature? The way something works? Their pricing? Tell me more about it. We're working on a new tracking platform and we'd love to hear your voice and implement your needs! Let me know!
  3. Khac Tung

    Tune Inc scam $ $644.35 USD

    they allow a free trial. I signuped an account on the date June 8, and had to cancel the account before July 7. However they have deducted my money, and said that the account remains active until today. Really I have canceled my account for a long time, I swear to my god. I've asked her to show...

    Top 18 Tracking Software for Affiliates

    Cake Cake is a cloud based management tool to track your affiliate marketing campaigns. You can analyze results, manage your contacts and have an overview of the performance of your placements. It is one of the most complete tools available offering among others the features below...
  5. trackingdesk

    TrackingDesk API integration with Hasoffers - 1 click

    API integration can sound a bit scary, but once you realize that we've done the hard work so you can enjoy a 1 click integration of any affiliate network running on hasoffers into TrackingDesk, it will sound like honey! In a nutshell: - Import and sync all your offers, tracking links, payouts...