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  1. L

    Conversion Pixels

    Hi All, I have been looking through the world of Google in relation to Conversion Pixels and what they actually are. Apparently there is lots of info out there but none of it gives a real basic understanding. I am learning how tracking links are made in CAKE and the breakdown of the actual...
  2. Nuwan Senanayake

    Affiliate terms

    what is a cake network? what is pay per call thing ?
  3. Akos

    What are the main pain-points of HasOffers and similar platforms?

    What annoys you the most? A missing feature? The way something works? Their pricing? Tell me more about it. We're working on a new tracking platform and we'd love to hear your voice and implement your needs! Let me know!

    Top 18 Tracking Software for Affiliates

    Cake Cake is a cloud based management tool to track your affiliate marketing campaigns. You can analyze results, manage your contacts and have an overview of the performance of your placements. It is one of the most complete tools available offering among others the features below...