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Time Management Tip


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Automate everything you can
Try not to do things manually
Manual actions eat time
Time you don't have
When it comes to scaling your AM business
You cannot do things manually


I agree with you about automation of everything on hundred percent actually. I suppose it's the main tip of time management. Moreover, I tend to suppose that the key to a proper time management lays in our mind. If we are able to elaborate a special system which will afford us to distribute our time wisely, then we will be the masters of time management. No doubts, that's kinda difficult to realize that once you will have to live in such system, however it can really help you. In my opinion, proper time management strategy affords people not to bother abour minor things and concentrate their attention on major things.


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Repetitive actions need to be scripted.
Some things need to be imputed manually if they are of an on demand basis.
Most of my 'dummy' work is performed by my scripting of imput and script reading of variables.
A bot army --best employees --develop them, code them --and they work for free.


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I just wrote a time billing program in 10 minutes
DATE=$(date +"%F %H:%M")
echo $DATE
echo  Enter Client Name
read client
echo $client
echo  "Enter in/out"
read IO
echo $IO
echo  "Enter Task"
read task
echo $task
echo $DATE,$client,$IO,$task,`date +%s`  >>$client.csv

makes a file with epoch (seconds) load the csv to a spreadsheet and do some math.