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AffKit Ninja
Got a new business strategy
now working as affiliate
its my actual day job now
but --> not yet paid my target/required wage
so TRACKING my hours of actual work
using a stop clock
I consider work to be OUTPUT
learning & reading & forum & social media & entertaining & browsing & music & news
--> are all not output
output is creating something for customers/users or affiliate partners
so I stop the clock when doing entertainment things
trying to see how much actual OUTPUT
gets done over 12 hours
yesterday was 4 hours & 23 minutes
--> out of 12 hours
(got paid zero therefore my time is worth zero)
trying to improve on that TODAY


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Like the concept of ROMI (return on marketing investment) there are many intangibles in our efforts.

As an example I was reading your post about a coupon (vouchers site you called it) and I had an epiphany about redeveloping a domain that I started in 2004 and discontinued in a year (but I kept the name (a good one)).

That time was 10 minutes then I deleted what I wrote when I got the epiphany and copied the post to development idea file.

So our time is not always wasted and reading and learning is 98% unless intake but it's that 2% that can make the difference.

I wasted 20 minutes being a form monkey for t-mobile setting up some new account stuff --that was 80% a waste of my time all of their bullshit verification codes. They have been hacked often so their security is BS anyway.


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I like nap time best :p
I don't punch a clock ...
Time to me is a window ... a few hours or a few weeks ... or when I get around to it.