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time management

  1. Honeybadger

    Elon Musk 'Time Bloxing' Technique

    This video from Thomas Frank (11:27) he describes how Elon Musk uses the Time Bloxing technique (aka 'Time Blocking' aka 'Time Boxing') to manage his day, taken from interviews (I haven't used the apps he talks about in video) Estimate task duration (good for past timed tasks/templates) Find...
  2. Honeybadger

    Schedule or Trash (200% better productivity)

    Got way too many notes, ideas & plan (without action date/time) So have moved to 100% scheduling All my ideas go in diary - or trash Diary entry in Google Calendar 3 Conditions --> Quantifiable task (examples. 'add product promotion video', 'send email to affiliate program manager') 60...
  3. Honeybadger

    Time Management Tip

    Automate everything you can Try not to do things manually Manual actions eat time Time you don't have When it comes to scaling your AM business You cannot do things manually
  4. cladvi

    Introduction-Shan Cladvi

    Hey Affiliatefixers! I m Shan Cladvi From Canada. I love Online marketing and want to meet like-minded people all the time, i m a Dad love drive fast cars. and dogs as pet.. so done with my dad from age 14 and have DNA on business,, i m not new to the Online business world and to be honest i...
  5. MaxAffiliate77

    Advise a book for time management?

    Advise a book for time management.