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The Testimonials

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by 01213n7, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. 01213n7

    01213n7 Affiliate affiliate

    I'm browsing the net all the time. Whenever I see an affiliate ad, I click on it, just to see what you guys, my competitors, are promoting... and of course how others are doing it, has something changes recently, etc.

    As 90%+ of the testimonials in our business are written by the same people who are promoting/selling the product, it's now becoming more and more clear to the prospects that these testimonials are fake and they sholdn't trust it.

    Well, since all testimonials are all the same, and people who are writing it seem to never realize that it will be other real humans who will read it, the writers fail miserably and I even notice that recently more and more people are avoiding the testimonials.


    Testimonials are a very good way to increase the trust level of your prospects. The social conviction is that when a product is hot, it's discussed and recommended by others. Therefore people want to see some real proof by others like them. Why like them?

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do!!! Let's say that you are British, then you go to a website that is selling you the next 7th wonder product about pink ponies. All good, but you are still unsure whether you want to buy the product or not. Then you click on the "Testimonials" and there you see a guy who seems to be Russian, giving a fantastic review about the product, then you read his name Boris Ivanov. Ok the guy from the testimonial is obviously Russian, thats cool, but in this example we are British. That means we want to see other people who are also British and see how the product worked for them, expecting it will do the same wonders to us... as it's more likely if it has previously done wonders to other British. This is very important, you can use geo script to show different testimonials in case you are targeting more than one countries. If you are targeting only 1 country - make sure all the people in your testimonials look like the average Joe in that specific country.

    People who read testimonials are already pre-sold to the product, if they read through the testimonial, they already want the product. Why? Well, people are not stupid. They know what is in the testimonial, they know that it's all fluffy and pinky, and some of the info might not be true. Yet, they read it. They want to give their mind an additional reason on why should they buy the product, without feeling guilty about spending money on something that might turn to be a silly purchase.
    Makes sense?

    Ok, so far so good - we know that testimonials are important and we have to use it. Now how to make it GOOD?

    First of all, I recommend you to NEVER write your own testimonials. Why? Well basically because you've written the sales copy, chances are the email sequence was also written by you and maybe even the product documentation (If its your own product). So there is already a word flow and people, being not as stupid as you might think they are, can actually detect the word flow. They can actually relate your testimonial to the rest of the sale copy and realize it's the same person who wrote it. THEN YOU ARE SCREWED! Word flow can also be defined as writing style.

    So if you are just starting out with the product promotion:
    1. Ask your prospects for a testimonial SOON AFTER THEIR PURCHASE. Don't wait too long. 2-5 days is ok (yet give them enough time to test the product). Simple!
    2. If you really really really want to have testimonials right off the bat, just hire someone to write it for you. Don't write it yourself!

    Next point is where 99% of people fail. The testimonial copy... Check out these 2 testimonials, I just wrote and tell me which one is better

    1)(Image comes here)
    "This Product was the one thing that changed my life.
    I'm so happy I made that purchase..."

    The Real SlimShady, New York City
    After buying this pink pony product my life changed
    so much that still I can't believe it's happening.
    Everything is so good that I'm actually shitting rainbows.
    And don't take my word for it. Here is an actual photo
    of me, shitting a real rainbow, check it out so you can really
    believe me, order this same product and start
    shitting rainbows too!!

    2) (image comes here)
    "I figured the Pink Ponies product wont be of any use to me.
    I actually was quite certain that nobody can EVER shit rainbows..."

    Snoop Dog, Washington DC
    Then I called my no-existing cousin in California. I actually called
    right after she had a big massive rainbow shit right on her living room
    wall. She told me that she can't stop shitting rainbows, so I went back
    to the site and made the purchase. Now my life is changed for good.
    I'm shitting so much rainbows, it's actually unbelievable.
    My wife is also shitting rainbows. Soon my kids will also start, because
    you know what? Shitting rainbows is the best thing in the world!


    If you look closely, the copy of both testimonials are pretty much the same. It's talking about the super fluffy product, called "Pink Ponies" that will make you shit rainbows. Huh...

    However, the 2nd product is having a NEGGATIVE bold part. That's something that works really well. As already pointed, people know that testimonials are always good, fluffy and positive. When they see a testimonial starting negative, believe me it's catching their attention. Why?
    Drama! It's something different than what they expected. And this is what it's making the testimonial believable so it sounds like an actual person wrote it.

    Anyway, if you ever use this article or copy it, give credit to o1213n7, cuz it's my own work, bastard!

    Live long and profit!
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  3. K

    K Administrator Administrator affiliate

    Nice read, I like the bit about the negative bold part - given me a nice idea thanks!
  4. whodat

    whodat Affiliate affiliate

    Great tips thanks