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Store or Shop - what is correct?


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If you made a ecommerce web site that lists fashion products do most people call it shop or store?

I did some searches on Google

Store --> 11,620,000,000
Shop --> 10,920,000,000

Web Shop -- > 32,800,000
Web Store --> 27,000,000

Online Store --> 398,000,000
Online Shop --> 384,000,000

E Shop --> 119,000,000
E Store --> 18,000,000

50-50, until one big difference

Online Shopping --> 300,000,000
Online Storing/storage (not a ecommerce word)
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retail location: noun place
Shop USA
Shoppe UK

Store verb to gather and save
Shop verb to look at and purchase things

Google Search's grammar is not that good!

If you are referencing the number found for that "google search"
that's the number of 'documents' indexed --not the relevancy nor query volume

Billions of pages are written by 'people who think they can speak English,' and are fuzzy Engerleesh at best; --but will get indexed and be included in that count --So IMHO, that number has little meaning.