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Spotlight - Domain redirect (Zero click) traffic

Discussion in 'Domains and Hosting' started by Diana - SelfAdvertiser, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Certified
    Diana - SelfAdvertiser

    Diana - SelfAdvertiser Member Certified Vendor Traffic Manager affiliate

    Domain Redirect traffic, also known as “zero click”, comes from visitors who misspell a domain in their browser but end up redirected to an offer’s page. The transition from a misspelled domain to your ad is seamless and doesn’t require additional clicks, hence the “zero click” alias. The premise is simple: this type of traffic comes from users who, with all their good intentions, manage to wrongly type a domain in their browser but still end up at the right place. They are redirected to an offer page without any hassle, just like they usually would, misspell-free, hence the alternative moniker “zero click”.

    This type of traffic is highly coveted among advertisers due to its high converting nature. It’s a very targeted campaign that is driven by users who are actively searching for a certain product, thus showing a clear intention to convert.

    At SelfAdvertiser.com, Domain Redirect traffic is at the center of our traffic effort.
    It is one of the main types of traffic on offer, along with Pop Ads. Learn some more about this traffic type here. Join SelfAdvertiser and I'll be happy to assist you getting started with Domain traffic.
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  3. Roman Epo

    Roman Epo Affiliate affiliate

    if any search engine algorithm can understand most of traffic come from same sources and domain ,using Black SEO domain will be banned from search engine.
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  4. hasi

    hasi Affiliate affiliate

    How much is the minimum deposit?
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    Diana - SelfAdvertiser

    Diana - SelfAdvertiser Member Certified Vendor Traffic Manager affiliate

    Hello @hasi,

    our initial deposit is 100$
    We have special promotion for @AffiliateFix :affiliatefix: users - you can Double Your Money and get matching credit up to 500$

    Contact me via our platform or Skype in order to get SelfAdvertiser's promo code for AffiliateFix users
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  6. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    You can do this with a CNAME entry DNS also to a white label -- be it on a parent domain or a subdomain.
    There is no HTTP redirect involved 301 or 302

    Graybeard, Feb 20, 2018
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