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domain redirects

  1. K

    Hello From Egypt!!

    Hi all, Khaled is here. I'm new to CPA, I got the basics of affiliate marketing a couple of months ago and now I'm getting my feet wet with pops and domain redirect. Excited to be part of the community here, and I'm actively looking for an affiliate mentor and a mastermind focused on pop and...
  2. Linoy- SelfAdvertiser

    Spotlight - Domain redirect (Zero click) traffic

    Domain Redirect traffic, also known as “zero click”, comes from visitors who misspell a domain in their browser but end up redirected to an offer’s page. The transition from a misspelled domain to your ad is seamless and doesn’t require additional clicks, hence the “zero click” alias. The...
  3. Anup Sutar

    Promoting CPA Offers with Popunders & Redirect Traffic

    Hello, I am Anup Sutar and I have been around this forum for quite some time now. I have used popunders in my viral blog to generate some startup cash. But now I want to start in CPA marketing. I was thinking about promoting CPA offers via bing PPC because I received $200 bing ads coupon from...
  4. windycity

    Check Out These Insane Stats From Dntx Traffic

    Hi Guys, This is my first post in the Dojo as I just joined yesterday. My background is affiliate marketing since 1998 (and corporate seo), so I have sites set up with affiliate offers that get traffic. And I have seen and analyzed every pattern of behavior imaginable with visitors. But this...