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Promoting CPA Offers with Popunders & Redirect Traffic

Discussion in 'Follow Alongs and Online Journeys' started by Anup Sutar, May 24, 2017.

  1. Anup Sutar

    Anup Sutar Affiliate affiliate

    Hello, I am Anup Sutar and I have been around this forum for quite some time now. I have used popunders in my viral blog to generate some startup cash. But now I want to start in CPA marketing.

    I was thinking about promoting CPA offers via bing PPC because I received $200 bing ads coupon from Microsoft. But when I created account and added my Indian debit card, they blocked my account. I called them and they said that it will take 2 days to verify your account but they didn't verify my account. I tried contacting them and then they avoided me saying that my debit card has problems ( VISA Platinum ). Then, I gave up on bing ads.

    Now I want to promote sweepstakes, Email/ZIP submit offers through popunders and domain redirects as they are lot cheaper than search PPC.

    But first, I need some advice from you guys. Please help me with following problems -

    1) Which Popunders/Redirect traffic network is good? I am thinking about using TONIC but they have a minimum deposit of $50

    2) Should I use landing pages or direct linking? (if offer accepts it) Someone told me that offers with a landing page converts better.

    3) What types of offers should I promote? I am thinking about sweepstakes, email/zip submit offers. Correct me if I am wrong.

    4) Which CPA network should I apply? I am currently working with Adworkmedia and cpalead. Tell me if you some better network than these two.

    Please correct me if I am wrong as this is my first paid traffic campaign. I know I am going to fail sometimes. But I want to reduce my chances of big failures by getting advice from you guys.

    I will keep this thread updated as soon as I start promoting my campaign. I will share all results with you guys.

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  2. Voluum
  3. Mobidea

    Mobidea Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hi Anup,

    Well, there are a lot of traffic sources where you can purchase targeted traffic, but all of them have deposit, and 50$ is probably the smallest that I've seen so far. In general, you need to get ready to spend some decent amount if you want to get solid results. Approximately we count on at least 1k$ in order to start, covering spy tool, tracker, deposit for the traffic source and tests of the offers and creatives. So if for you 50$ deposit is too much, I d suggest you to not focus on paid traffic, but look for information on promoting to free traffic. I am sure there is a lot of information about it across the web.

    Landing page is always a good idea, although make sure you create a really good LP, since if it's not good - the result might be the opposite.

    You can definitely start from sweeps and email submits, just make sure the offers are simple, understandable, there is a decent statistics behind it (speak with your account manager to know the performance of the offers), and it's SOI. The less steps user has to take until conversion, the better.

    There are really a lot of networks, we are also one of them, with focus in mobile traffic, and we are newbie- friendly, so feel free to sign up here

    I hope it helps, and if you have more questions, feel free to comment! :)
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  4. Dooglers

    Dooglers Affiliate affiliate

    I personally would use landing pages. A solid landing page with a call to action and aesthetically pleasing will convert for you.
  5. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    I tried answer it short.

    1. Try do some research there are some popup network which are not popular can known as untapped traffic.

    2. Lander gives you a tracking data.

    3. More like, what angle of an offer you can thought of, to promote.

    4. Both network you mention are content locker, they don't pay well on mobile offer.

    For your start, I'm going to warn you here, you will probably getting 10 fail campaign before seeing a first success campaign, so don't be so excited yet. :)
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  6. ns7000

    ns7000 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Anup you can signup on Peerfly and CPAGrip aswell for the CPA offers..
    Traffic sources try the propellerads..
    If using Landers then == Purelander
    I am also learning the things right now..
    Hope this info will help you..
    Do share your results here..
  7. Ana_AdCombo

    Ana_AdCombo Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hi! So, step by step
    1) I can recommend TrafficJunky, 7search, ZeroPark, JucyAds
    2) You can work with email and pin submits, sweepstakes - it's not bad for a start. Also you can try dating offers, one/two clicks. If you plan to work with adult niche, then in the end you can try to work with COD offers, but I think it will be better if you will start with something more simple.
    3) You should search newbie friendly networks. As an example - our network works with newbies
  8. Bloody Tourist

    Bloody Tourist Well-Known Member affiliate

    Hey man love the Gordon Gekko quote! :) Here's my 2 cents:

    1. I used to run successful campaigns on Popads and PropellerAds, before moving to Native. Never used TONIC.
    2. Split test dl vs multiple lp's. The data will show what works best. 9 times out of 10 your own lp will win
    3. Depends on your budget and if you want to target mobile or desktop. Think higher payouts = bigger test budget
    4. Try: AdCombo, MaxBounty, BizProfits, Adsimilis, Advidi
    Pro tip: Some of my biggest pop campaigns were binary and bizop offers with video sales letters on desktop traffic. But expect to have a 2 to 3K test budget to get green.
  9. WhiteMobi

    WhiteMobi Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    2. You should definitely try with landing page
    Search for some good LP with adplexity or some other spy tools
    3. Email submits converts better, so it's good for start. CC submit offers have much better payouts, so it's good to run once your have succeeded with email submits
    4. At WhiteMobi we have lots of offers and we can provide you with LP ideas