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Self-Service platform for advertisers. High quality CPM traffic

  1. Linoy- SelfAdvertiser
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    SelfAdvertiser.com is a powerful self-service platform for advertisers, a leading traffic source, developed, owned and operated by Intango. The platform allows online advertisers to create their campaigns in minutes and start acquiring WW traffic from quality sources while maintaining full control of their budget.

    SelfAdvertiser.com offers various types of traffic - Pop & Domain Redirect (zero click), keyword targeted and RON. The platform implements the most intelligent ads optimization technology, alongside advanced anti=fraud detection measures, aiming to make the online advertising experience effective, reliable and seamless.

    • Powerful self-service platform for advertisers.
    • Offers various types of traffic - Pop & Domain Redirect (zero click), keyword targeted and RON.
    • Intelligent ads optimization technology.
    • Advanced anti=fraud detection measures.
    • High-class support and dedicated account managers.
    • Advanced targeting features.
    • In-house technology.
    • Direct traffic.
    • Friendly and reliable dashboard/ simple and easy user interface.
    • Targeted quality traffic, leading you to the best possible results.
    • Advertisers have full control
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ben finch
    Ben finch
    Good traffic and great targeting options. I like the interface. Highly recommended
  2. shoogi
    A pretty intuitive platform, competitive rates and lot's of targeting options, their customer service is also fast and professional. I've runned a few successful campaigns with them, I miss though targeting by verticals option, but overall is a great platform. I recommend it.
    1. Linoy- SelfAdvertiser
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your feedback!
      It is one of our upcoming updates, stay tuned :)
      Meanwhile, you're more than welcome to contact us and we will assist you to target by vertical.