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SPAM Avoidance Guidelines

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by JohnCPAAlpha, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. JohnCPAAlpha

    JohnCPAAlpha Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    When sending an email message make sure the offer is relevant to the target audience!
    Message Recommendations for Avoiding Spam Filters:
    Industry experts estimate between 10 and 20 percent of permissioned email messages do not arrive in the inbox as intended because the receiving ISP incorrectly identified the message as spam. This presents a problem for marketers because revenue is lost and campaign results are inaccurate.

    Message Guidelines
    You may wish to follow these guidelines when designing a message. Please remember that these are general rules and do not provide a 100% guarantee that a filter will not tag your message.


    Do not repeat words Be succinct, try to avoid 'spam' words.
    Do not use all caps Keep everything in lowercase or Title Case if possible.
    Do not use !, $, or 100% Keep punctuation to a minimum.
    affordable Reasonably priced, reasonable, within your means,
    Bargain or best prices Good deal, good buy
    click here* learn how, visit here
    congratulations Well done
    debt Owe, arrears, bills, deficit, due, liability
    financing Banking, expenditure, expenses, funding
    free! for free?, for free! No-cost, no-fee, complimentary, sample
    guaranteed Proven, certain, attested, affirmed, confirmed, insured
    insurance Coverage, assurance, warranty, safeguard
    investment Expenditure, expense, asset, grant
    just released New-improved
    loan Loan-plan, lending
    low interest Low risk
    new car New automobile
    opportunity Prospect opening, break, chance, occasion
    paying too much Over expenditure
    permanent low interest Definite low interest, preset
    pre-approved Pre-accepted, authorized, confirmed, credited
    refinancing Funding, outlay
    special invitation Proposal
    unbelievable Astounding, amazing, wonderful, awesome

    Subject Line
    When creating your subject line, avoid using the following words or characters:
    • ! or multiple !!!!
    • free upgrade
    • free gift
    • consolidate debt
    • $ or multiple $$$
    • Free or FREE
    • free offer or offer
    • Win a
    • adv.
    • mortgage rate
    • Urgent
    • save $
    • apply now
    • New Customers
    • One time
    • please read
    • ALL CAPS
    • Prize
    • Order Now

    Message Body
    When creating the text of your message, avoid using the following words or phrases:
    • ALL CAPS WORDS OR SENTENCES free information
    • clickhere (no space)
    • ******** (e.g. as a separator in plain text messages)
    • free membership consolidate bill
    • 100% satisfaction free quote credit card debt
    • 18 years or older
    • future mailing
    • custom quote
    • 1-800... or 1-888...
    • home financing
    • dream vacation
    • a tracking number (visible, not autodetect)
    • interest rates
    • earn $
    • act now
    • limited time offer
    • email marketing
    • amazing stuff
    • mail is never sent unsolicited
    • financial freedom
    • satisfaction guaranteed free consultation spam
    • prize winner drawing
    • celebrity sexy special offer
    • click below (CLICK BELOW) in multiple HTML references and in various locations
    • click here (CLICK HERE) in multiple HTML references and in various locations

    I was telling a friend about the forum and he gave me this to post for you guys!!
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    Another great post man thank you.

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