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“FunnelFlux  Zeydoo

Some direction please


Please help.
I am going round & round in circles.
I have good SEO knowledge but not enough to get up with the front runners.
Then I tried bulk emails with little or no success.
I really need the six or seven basic steps that I am missing. I cannot think of how to get traffic without using Adwords or similar.
I do have a couple of subjects that I have sound knowledge in.

I would really appreciate some basic guidance. I actually feel rather stupid because I have a degree in IT.


Linda Buquet

Hi Mike,

You said: "I actually feel rather stupid because I have a degree in IT."

No reason to feel stupid - IT and IM (Internet Marketing) are 2 completely different animals. If you want totally free traffic then brushing up on natural search would be the way to go. If your topics are true niches that don't have lots of competition it's not that hard to get top rankings.

Bruce Clay has lots of good do it yourself SEO info:

Hope that helps just for starters. Anyone else want to add some tips?


Hi TameWasp

You have a great nickname. South Afrcia had a bad run in the Tri Nations.

Have you done any research on where your target demographics like to hang out (online and offline)?

Keep a spreadsheet on what your competitors are doing too, break it up in columns like Keywords, URL, Backlinks etc. This should help you find out where to focus your efforts.

Good Luck!