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So I got to the 2nd question

and had to ask myself
How many Mobile searches will will equal Desktop in paid conversion?
O A: 1
O B: 4
O C: More
O D: For where and what​

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esp. if you dont outsource SEO

I have for many years now.

Never ordered taxi from desktop ad
Never bought car from mobile ad

This has changed. Maybe not to a degree of great significance, but to a degree of some significance. I have, for many years, ordered taxis from my laptop while traveling.

While I have not purchased a car that way, keep in mind there are now several car companies offering exactly that and their ads specifically demonstrate buying your car from your phone. It's a coming trend for some.


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It depends on product price
Never ordered taxi from desktop ad
Never bought car from mobile ad
I have bought a few things mobile this week but from Amazon and Newegg (computer Hardware) where I have accounts with the credit card info stored --just needed to input the security code --and not the card number --I trust Android and it's hack apps as far as I can spit.
I have used uber when traveling but they keep the card info ...

SEO is meaningless if it doesn't make you money --that was my point --same goes for mobile advertising