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  1. K

    Cpabuild review

    What do you guys think of Cpabuild
  2. A

    Is it hard to make $50,000 with PWA applications?

    Has anyone worked with PWA applications? I'm currently running PWA apps and have made almost $50,000 on them.
  3. Honeybadger

    So you think you know SEO?

    Take the SEO Moz expert quiz
  4. Kerr_DigitalSolver

    People with *any* experience in AM, what are your biggest lessons from your newbie 'failures'?

    For people who have been in the game 20 years or 20 days, what are the most important lessons you learned from your initial failures? Every lesson is valid, no matter how big or small! For me, it was two things: 1. Split testing ads - I would spend a long time trying to get one advert to be...
  5. micoangelo

    POLL: Is Megapush S******g Affiliates? WARNING: Please read this before using

    WARNING: Read this BEFORE you buy media from Megapush ( for your push traffic needs Hey Fixers! I made a tiny test campaign today, set at a $13 budget. Seems like it should be manageable, no? Got approved, smooth sailing thus far, so I grabbed a quick bite for lunch. Came back and...
  6. Ron Hale

    Looking to connect with experience publishers

    Hello I am new on this forum but not new to pay per call. I have been generating leads for a couple years and it has been a great experience. I wanted to connect with some experienced publishers in hopes that we can help each other. I have plenty of connections for calls and always looking for...
  7. dollarman2017

    Do You Autopost To Facebook ? What Is Your Experience ?

    Do you Autopost to Facebook ? What is your experience ? Some are using Autoposting software to market their business on Facebook without facing any issue while some are getting blocked day by day. Let's share here Our experience using the Autoposter feature. As for me, i am one of those...
  8. M

    Getting into AM Networks prior no experience?

    Hey guys and girls, So I have been an online marketer / SEO for about 5 years now just starting into AM and looking for networks to join for video game promotion (CPI) I noticed a lot ask for prior AM experience. How do we get started without any experience in the AM field. Meathead