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Showing prices VS. not


OK another question I'd love to get some thoughts on...

With my CJ sites I currently have some that use the store generator and others that use the full product listing (one that currently gets traffic). The product listing doesn't list prices, and so far I've noticed a lower CTR and conversion on that site.

Anyone noticed better conversion/CTR by listing prices on your sites?

My guess would be that clicks go down but conversions up by listing prices. Logic being people will click out of curiosity on the pricing, then bail if they don't like it.




Linda Buquet

But if they click through it at least gets your cookie set in case they shop around then come back to buy. If you show price you've answered one of their biggest questions, they may shop then buy at the merchant you showed then, but since they never clicked a link you wont get credit.

This is just one slant on the issue and I have never tested. Just a thought off the top of my head. I've heard affiliate give arguments for and against each scenario.

What do you guys think???


Good point Linda, I had the same thought myself.

However, people still don't know who the merchant is until they click. So if they are interested in the price, they'll click. And if not, I'm thinking then Adsense would be a great way to pick up the crumbs.

I added adsense to the site last night and have already picked up an extra couple bucks, but CTR so far has not gone down.

Probably a different topic that I'll get to, running adsense and affiliate ads on the same site. Lots to talk about there. :)