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Search Engine Optimization Secrets – for effective website content writing

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by journeyoflife7, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. journeyoflife7

    journeyoflife7 Affiliate affiliate

    Quite often we overlook and forget the basics that are so very fundamental to content writing for the web. It does not matter how good your writing skills are or how persuasive your words are. If your website cannot be found on the internet, the content which you have written will remain unread. What many people forget is that writing for a website is different from writing for any other medium. When it comes to website writing, there are a few things that you should consider in order to maximize the potential of the content written by you. Given below are a few search engine optimization secrets that will help in maximizing your potential.
    One of the search engine optimization secrets is to understand what the reader is looking for. It is this ability to think like your potential reader that will determine the flow of traffic to your website. You will have to be specific with the content you develop for your website. For instance if your site is using a keyword “garments” and you sell only with women’s garments then you will have quite a lot of people getting off your website pretty quickly. They may in fact be looking for information on a wide range of garments ranging from children’s garments to men’s garments to fashion garments or they may be looking for information on the various garment manufacturers.
    One of the other search engine optimization secrets includes the use of relevant keywords. This is because people have become more specific with the terms of their search. Quite often they may use long tail keywords which can translate into a buying process. It may signal the customer’s willingness to buy a product that you are selling. Finally, ensuring the use of proper grammar is another search engine optimization secret that is so very important to writing good content for your website.
  2. terraleads
  3. howold123

    howold123 Affiliate affiliate

    "use long tail keywords which can translate into a buying process", that`s the key
  4. Pandadan

    Pandadan Affiliate affiliate

    you talking about obvious things, but i'm not agree with that "It does not matter how good your writing skills are or how persuasive your words are"
    it really matters. because interesting content - it's the way of reposting your content to other sites, that helps SE to spot your site

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