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Support Role Based Name Email Prefixes Are Not Permitted

Discussion in 'Support and Feedback' started by T J Tutor, Nov 30, 2018.

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    T J Tutor

    T J Tutor GM Administrator Certified Vendor Dojo Master affiliate

    Please change your email prefix if it has a "Role Based Name" as a prefix.


    We will scrubbing our members list 01-08-2019 for anyone using a "role based name" email address associated with their user name. We are notifying all members well in advance to please change their email prefixes to a non-role based name prefix. After January 8th 2019, we will begin removing member accounts that do not comply with our policies regarding "role based name" email prefixes.

    If your email address starts with a "role based name", it will be no longer allowed in our database and the user account will be removed. "Role based name" email prefixes are no longer accepted by our email processor for user email processing. This type of prefix can only be used for businesses that are registered as an approved vendor in our Resources area.

    Email processors no longer allow companies like ours to keep in touch with our users/members when the member has a "role based name" email prefix when sending through bulk email processing. This is due to the extremely high bounce rate and high complaints of spam when sending bulk emails to any email address with a "role based name" as a prefix. When this happens, our email and domain integrity drops to unacceptable levels of reputation.

    More can easily be found in the search engines by searching for "role based names" with emails.

    Thank You

    Admin & the AffiliateFix Team
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    OK I'm cool
    Bump for your advisory ;)
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