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Revshare bad ?

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by Mathiaska, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. Mathiaska

    Mathiaska Affiliate affiliate

    i Would like to know if Doing revshare on e-mail list is bad?

    Couldent i actually just participate in revshare on 50/50 basis. Where we split the profit.. But just keep all the money myself?
    I havent understand the point of companies Doing this? What are the positive and negative things about this?
  2. AdCombo
  3. Jay_718

    Jay_718 Affiliate affiliate

    Depends on the market , i've been doing rev share deals for gambling for years . I still make money on account's that I promoted 5 years ago on lifetime rev share deals .
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  4. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I always say that if the deal is favoring you and helping you do away with some struggles, then you need to make a go ahead. Sometimes you will find that with the partnering, you will be able to achieve a lot as compared to when you were an individual. Be sure however to go through the terms so that you don't regret making the decision.
  5. Volleyya

    Volleyya Affiliate affiliate

    I wouldn't say revshare is bad, but the answer is it depends on the quality of your leads. In summary, if you have a good email list that leads to high conversions then you can command a greater part of the rev-share agreement (up to even 80%). But if you have a poor quality list you could end up with only 30% of profits.

    Anyways, just check the quality of your list to ensure it's up to snuff if you decide to go solo
  6. eMonetize

    eMonetize Affiliate affiliate

    Rev-share can be very advantageous if you lack the funds to buy your own data when starting out.

    I would only work with fresh / targeted data (1-7 days old). Much of the data that exists for rev-share is poor, so you will need to test a bunch of different sources to find the ones that are good. However, there's almost an unlimited supply of data that exists, so testing isn't a big deal.

    I know some mailers that do nothing but rev-share deals. Also keep in mind that monetizing rev-share data is no different than monetizing purchased data. So what you want to do is always collect your opens/clickers and dump the unresponsive data. So that your building smaller but very responsive lists and reducing your sending costs. SO you will be sending less at a lower cost and making more.

    * One big plus with rev-share data is you have no upfront investment in the data, so there is no psychological barrier that some mailers have to overcome in order to dump unresponsive data compared to if they had paid for it. Every mailer knows there is no reason to keep such data, however most can't bring themselves to dump it, because of the financial attachment.

    In addition, you can hire VA's (VERY CHEAP) and train them to do all the work, as much of the work is just going through defined steps / processes.

    Personally I would be saving a portion of your profits and build up a bankroll, so that you can also start buying data and keep 100% of the revenue from it.

    You really need to know what you are doing and how to monetize data, as you don't want to accept data and then look like a total novice and damage your reputation with list owners.
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  7. SendEmails

    SendEmails Guest

    If your list is targetted to the correct niche, and if your offer is a great reoccuring deal, then it is possible to revshare for years on a product.

    Example: Revshare on a subscription to a site that someone is a member of for two years and you earn reoccuring monthly.
  8. eMonetize

    eMonetize Affiliate affiliate

    Rev-share isn't about finding a list that matches your niche, so that you can promote your offer. It's a pure data monetization play. In that it's about getting fresh / targeted lists that are within verticals that have mass appeal and then promoting high performing / good paying CPA offers to them that match the vertical.

    In addition, you can cross promote many different offers and the ideal offers you want to promote are PPL (pay per lead) because there is no credit card / purchase required to complete an offer. All a user has to do is fill out a form to get paid. So conversion rates are typically much higher than offers that require a purchase.

    The majority of the offers that I promote are free and have mass appeal, but still pay $20-$60 per conversion. It's all about taking the path of least resistance to get conversions and turn the data into cash producing assets. It's completely different to doing standard email marketing.