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  1. GB Scriese

    Do bulk e-mail services always fall in reputation?

    Hello Everyone, my company used some bulk e-mail services for a couple of campaigns. Not quite advertisements, mind you, more like newsletters to semi-warm contacts as non-intrusive as possible. One service we tried was It worked for the most part, but delivery was sloppy and looking...
  2. Performance Bay

    Exclusive/direct CPA high-ROI and CR-levels campaings PT,IT,BR,ES,BE (FR), BE(DU)

    Hello guys, we have some direct/exclusive CPA HIGH ROI AND CR-LEVELS campaigns and we are looking for HQ traffic networks and publishers to take good care of them, since they had more than30,000 conversions only the last month. If you have traffic in BR,PT,IT,BE (FR AND DU),ES- do not hesitate...
  3. Pavel Nedved

    Looking For Email Marketing for China - E-Commerce Campaign. BIG BUDGET!

    Hi all, I wonder if there is someone here that have ever made email mktg for an E-Commerce campaign (more precisely for a big Watches Brand), for China. And what were the results that you had. My client have big big budget to spend, but we need first to show him some stats and numbers. Thanks.
  4. C

    Question About CPA Marketing

    I was looking for information about marketing MaxBounty CPA offers via e-mail. I have an e-mail list (small one) and was wondering what the best way to market a CPA offer via this method (i.e. contextual, banner, etc.) Does the e-mail have to be in a particular format?, Which link to include...
  5. M

    Revshare bad ?

    i Would like to know if Doing revshare on e-mail list is bad? Couldent i actually just participate in revshare on 50/50 basis. Where we split the profit.. But just keep all the money myself? I havent understand the point of companies Doing this? What are the positive and negative things about...
  6. M

    Types of data

    can anyone tell me which types of data that exist in e-mail marketing? Which are the cheapest, most expensive, most responsive, etc.
  7. M

    Build an e-mail list

    hello! Can anyone tell me or help me out here.. I want to build an e-mail list for e-mail marketing but How do i build one without a website and a blog?